Wednesday, October 19, 2011


1. Don't brush your hair while it's wet.
My #1 tip and i can not stress enough the importance of this. I never thought that brushing your hair was so damaging until i recently stopped and noticed dramatic improvments in my split ends and overall health. I know what your thinking..your hair will be unmanageable and impossible to brush out once it dries; my next tips solves this issue.

2. Use a wide toothed comb while your conditioner sits.
Wide toothed combs cause minimal or no damage to your hair if used correctly. While your conditioner is in, slowly and carefully run one of these combs through your ends until you are able to run it through your roots. Starting at the roots may cause distress to your hair so it is crucial to start at the ends. This makes your hair much more manageable after it dries and enables you to not have to brush your hair when you get out of the shower. This step also ensures that your hair absorbs all of the moisture evenly.

3. Minimise useage of heat tools.
An obvious and important step in caring for your hair is to not blowdry, curl or straighten your hair. Of course there are circumstances where it may be unavoidable and this is when you take measures to reduce the amount of damage it causes. Use a heat protectant before using any styling tools on your hair and never set your styling tool to the highest temperature. Eg. blowdry on cool, straighten on 180 instead of 280. These little modifications make a big difference.

4. Don't use bleach.
Bleach is not good for your hair in any way, shape or form therefore should not be used..ever! But as girls, we are constantly changing our hair and will probably dabble in bleach at least a little bit. If bleach is used, make sure to use a heavy leave in conditioner and never leave the bleach on for too long. If necessary, bleach twice in small intervals instead of one long session. Giving your hair a breach from the bleach by splitting it up into intervals makes a big difference.

5. Don't wash your hair everyday.
Everyday it seems like there is a significant reason my hair must be super clean at that specific time but try to avoid washing it more than every 48 hours. This allows for your hairs natural oil to build up and this is extremley nourishing and vital for your hairs health. At least trying to do this every so often if you dont have to go out will make a great start.
6. Choose the shampoo and conditioner which best suits your hair.
These days everything down to the finest detail can be modified especially for you and your hair type. Whether your straight oily, frizzy dry or curly flat theres a shampoo or conditioner out there for you that can volumise, moisturise, minimise, tame, soften, shine or do anything else to your hair depending on what your looking for. Theres no real other way of finding out what works best for you than trying out different brands and variations until you find one which you find best suits your hair.

7. Shampoo twice.
Shampooing twice gives the benefit of extra clean hair. The first shampoo tends to only remove a minimal amount of oil which the second wash really gets in there and cleans your hair.

8. Let your conditioner sit on the hair.
When you are in the shower and put your conditioner in, let it sit for a couple of minutes. It's as simple as leaving it in while you shave your legs or wash your face that gives the product enough time to lock in a substantial amount of moisture.

9. Use styling products that add moisture and avoid ones that use alcohol.
This is an obvious one which i just thought i would mention because a lot of companies sneak in alcohol into their styling products. Alcohol dries out the hair so you want to avoid this in any of your hair products at all costs and look more into products which are based on a moisturising agent. A perfect example of this is the new craze of Argan/Moroccan oils that have come out which is a super moisturising hair food dervied from special trees in Brazil.

10. Put the teasing comb down.
If it doesn't feel right and it doesn't sound can't be good! I am occassionally a little bit naughty and i do tease my hair but when i do i feel so guilty because i can just hear it splitting my ends and feel it pulling at my roots. One of the worst things you can do to your hair, comparable to the effects of bleach.
Those have been my Top Ten Tips on Hair Care. Please look out for more additions to this series on Jordy's Beauty Spot.


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