Monday, December 12, 2011


Hey girls,
So I have managed to empty 6 MAC items and using their Back to MAC promotion, I brought them back to MAC and got a free lipstick! I actually emptied 12 items but didn't take pictures of the first 6 I brought in because I wasn't sure if my counter had the promotion or not but they did so I didn't get to take pictures but I got "Lustering" as my free lipstick. The products I emptied this time are MAC Superslick Eyeliner, Two Studio Sculpt Concealers, MAC eyeshadow in "Grand Entrance" and Rubenesque Paintpot (not empty but it is all dried up and unuseable!)
 The free lipstick I chose is "Vegas Volt" which is an amplified lipstick.
 It is a pretty bright orangey coral colour which is going to be so gorgeous for this summer.
Sorry I didn't get pictures of ym first "Back to MAC" experience but I hope you enjoyed this one!

5 comments: said...

Very good.

SilhouetteScreams said...

Yay I love Vegas Volt! I recently completed my first B2M too and got Girl About Town :)

Tamara said...

Very nice! Lordy, it's so hard for me to stick to one product and use it all up. Unless its foundation/concealer!

lana said...

hey Jordy, could you explain to me a little bit kore about how back to mac works?

Jordy said...

It's when you finish up 6 MAC products and then you take them to a MAC counter or store. They recycle your used packaging and in return you get a free lipstick :)You can back to mac most things but some things you have to be careful about like eyeliners or lip pencils I don't think they accept.
~Jordy xx