Monday, December 12, 2011


Hey girls, So this isn't really anything beauty related but it was requested by Jordyn Michelle to make a video about my new phone; my favourite games, my cases, my experience. I decided to do a blog post instead of a video just because I don't think a lot of you will be interested but I still wanted do this because I try my hardest to complete all requests I get! I decided to make this a little more fun by including a kind of  case "haul". If any of you have iPhones hopefully I give you some fun app recommendations and useful sources to find cute cases. If your thinking of getting an iPhone 4s, I hope this helps you decide if you want to get one. Again, I am aware this isn't beauty related but I thought it would be something fun and a little different. So firstly I will start with the case "haul" I suppose :)

 If you are interested in buying any of the cases, click it's picture and it will take you to where you can buy it :)
 I couldn't get a link for this one because I didn't buy it online. Sorry!

Now onto some of my favourite games and beauty applications! I picked 3 beauty and 3 fun!
This application allows you to take a look at all of colours OPI has to offer and which collection they came from! It is great if your looking for a specific colour, you can go through and look for it using this application. The only thing is that sometimes the colours shown on the screen arent very similar to how they look ion real life, so keep mind of that.
Marie Claire Beauty Genius
This application is amazing because it gives you a heap of really useful tips and tricks! Its like a behind the scenes of the magazine.
Beauty Tips
This applications makes is super easy and convenient to learn quick little beauty tips, slowly expanding your knowledge on beauty by just reading some of the things this application has to say!
Line Runner
If any of you have this game I think you will agree with me when I say that it is the most addictive game ever! I am tempted to play this game every second of the day, hoping I beat my high score! I have been stuck trying to beat 720 for days and I seem to be stuck!
Doodle Jump
I love this game so much!! Again, very addictive.
Plants vs. Zombies
This game is so amazing because it requires a strategy which is really fun learning. Very rewarding when you finish the game, you are able to listen to the credits song and it is so hilarious!! It will be stuck in your head FOREVER!

So that's my phone case haul and a couple of fun/beauty application recommendations. I hope you girls enjoyed this even though it wasn't very beauty related :)


happy hour 24/7 said...

oh my word! those are major blings. i think a lot of the bling cases are pretty but not so practical, but i just ordered my first bling case (can't wait to get it in the mail) but it's pretty simple, a zebra patterned, more of a flat type of crystal versus embossed ones. thanks for sharing!

Anita said...

Those cases look so pretty! I want to get one for my best friend for Christmas. How long did they take to ship? :) x

Jordy said...

I think it was between 6-9 days it took :) that would be a cute Christmas gift and affordable also!

Jordy said...

Yeah I totally agree. Impractical for everyday use! I can't imagine using any of the huge bling ones at school!

Bellezza Bee said...

OMG! Plants vs zombies is so addictive!

Anonymous said...

Could you use the glammed up cases for everyday use if you wanted to?

Anonymous said...


Jordy said...

Hey :)
Well I use them on a daily basis and the only problem is if you have to fit it in your pocket or if you have to put it down it is a little uneven on the surface but apart from that there shouldn't be any issues with using any of the cases on a daily basis :)
- Jordy xx

lorien kate said...

so downloading the line jump game hahah! and the marie claire app :)