Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hey girls, 
I have created a gift guide that may be helpful if you have no idea what to buy the men in your life. I have already created one based on what to buy the women in your life which you can check out here so i thought it would be helpful to cover the other gender for christmas presents! Again, this gift guide will be useful internationally but more beneficial for my Aussie readers because the links take you to Australian websites and I can't be positive these exact sets are available overseas. Let me just start of by saying, women are much easier to buy for than men. Girls have a never ending list of beauty items they want while guys usually want minimal items.

A lot of this depends on how long you have been dating but I always think it is much cuter to make something rather than just buy a material item. I think it means a lot more, is special and unique as well as reasonably priced. I think a super cute idea is a box or jar filled with notes and letters. On these notes and letters you can write inside jokes, your feelings for him, why you love him, memories and really anything you want to say this is the perfect time to say it! Decorate this box or jar with photos, ribbons, stickers, glitter and spray it with your perfume so that it smells of you.

This depends what you dad is interested in or what his hobbies are. If he liked fishing, buy him some new hooks and rods. If he likes camping, buy him torches and a cosy blanket. If he likes swimming, buy him goggles and a swimming cap. Simple items but it will show you pay attention to your dads interests and thought about the gift you were giving him. If your dad isn't really into any particular activity then a generic gifts include cologne, shaving cream, razors/trimmers, socks or underwear. Try to find something for him that is unique and personalised but if you can't don't stress out about giving a generic gift, he will appreciate anything you give him.

Boys of all ages are very into games, movies and electronics! My little brother is going into year one next year so his 6 and he is already seriously obsessed with entertainment. I suggest movies and CD's because they are relatively cheap so that your brother doesn't break your budget but it is something he will enjoy especially if you put some thought into it and buy him the movie he mentioned to you a while ago that he wanted but didn't want to buy for himself or buying him the CD that has the song on it that he turns the volume up on when it comes on the radio. A movie or CD can be thoughtful, affordable and appreciated.
I know the past couple of christmas' Wii has been a really popular console but the newest craze is the new Xbox Kinect which launched earlier this year. So really any game for whatever console but my pick is the Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars for the Kinect console just because this is one of my little brothers favorite games to play so i am sure any young boys will enjoy it. If your son is a bit older get him WOW or COD Microsoft points.

I hope this was helpful if you were stuck for ideas of what to buy the men in your life!

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