Friday, December 9, 2011


Hey girls,
So personally "stocking stuffers" are one of my favorite things about christmas (if you want to find out 5 more things I love about christmas click here). I love finding cute little thoughtful surprises in my stocking, it's just as exciting as the actual gifts! I thought I would give you some ideas about items you could put in someones stocking. Considering this is a beauty blog, most of the products I mention will be beauty related so just a fair warning haha.
Lipbalm gift sets can be so cute and really useful for any girl finding it in her stocking. If your anything like me, you loose lipbalm like crazy so it's so nice to find something like this in my stocking because it saves me having to go out and buy some. If your looking for great quality ones Burts Bees is my personal favourite but cute Hello Kitty or Paul Frank sets would be great also. 

Mini nail polishes are so adorable, affordable and a great way to try out different nail colours. OPI came out with a holiday set for Ulta which makes the idea more festive but for my Aussie viewers, I bought mine of eBay for my cousin so your best bet is to search there. 

Any piece from the Lush holiday collection is very giftable! Pop a few bath bombs in one of their reusable storing tubes and you have an amazing smelling, festive stocking stuffer.

 Food! Candy canes, home made rum balls, store bought truffles, the persons favourite candy bar..really anything edible always goes down really well! 

 Candles are a really lovely thing to gift someone. If they have a burner you can buy them melts or if they have tealight holders you can gift them some new tealights :)

Gum is an amazing idea because family and friends seem to be interested in borrowing your last piece of gum all throughout the year, make their life by buying them their own pack haha!

I hope you girls enjoyed these few silly ideas of what you could stuff someones stocking with :) If you were looking for gift ideas about what to buy the women in your life click here and if you were looking for gift ideas about what to buy the men in your life click here.


Dhanishaa said...

great ideas, defiantly agree about the gum!

Tamara said...

Love these ideas! Especially the gum. I thought I was the only one getting hit up for a stick of gum constantly! Very cute :D