Saturday, December 10, 2011


Hey girls,
I have a review for you about an online store that sells discounted makeup called GVSavings1! For my Australian readers this is music to our ears because I am sure we have all come to despise the high prices of cosmetics here and have turned to online shopping as an answer to our budget issues! GVSavings1 provides access to brands that we don't have here such as LA Colors, Stila, Red Cherry and ELF as well as discounted MAC, Avon, Ardell and many more! Now that you know the sorts of products that are sold on GVSavings1 i'm going to tell you a little bit about the shipping, customer service and company in general.
Firstly, I have to say that the customer service is phenomenal! The girls sending out the orders and communicating with the customers are so lovely and extremely helpful! A really great online shopping experience where you really feel like a valued and appreciated customer!

A huge factor when online shopping is the shipping! GVSavings1 provides free US shipping on many of their products and also has extremely low international shipping!  Another important thing to ensure is the authenticity of products and I can say that every single item I received is authentic and 100% the real deal! So lets get into the products I received to give you an idea about the kinds of products you may be able to purchase on GVSavings1! While your looking at the products, take a look at how affordable everything is!
I love the look of these lashes because each individual lash crosses over each other and the overall wispy look makes them very wearable and natural looking.

Now these lashes are much less natural but still totally wearable! They may look a little crazy in the package but with a simple outfit like white top, blue skinny jeans and some black heels..they would look so hot! 

Now these are the most natural lashes out of all three and are very wearable, probably used more to enhance your own lashes! Since they are invisibands it means that the band holding the lashes is clear. To blend the lashes with you own lashes and your eyeliner just use a liquid liner to colour the clear band.

We are just going into Summer here in Australia so a bit of this will just enhance any tan you have but you can also wear this in the winter to warm up your skintone because of the lack of sun you may be getting. I am excited to try out something from ELF and it's so affordable also!

This is a liquid highlighter which is amazing not only because I love highlights but because it's perfect to use in the Summer when you don't want your face to be cakey and melting off with powder products!

I highly reccomend you girls get your hands on this amazing liquid liner! It is one of the blackest, smoothest, best liquid liners I have come across that is so inexpensive!! This is probably comparable to my Chanel Ecriture De Chanel only the LA Colors is cheaper and way less expensive! The only thing is that the brush sometimes doesn't give an extremely precise line but I can live with that because the formulation is so great!

If you are interested in any of the products, click on it's title as I have provided links to all of the items! I would honestly recommend GVSavings1 as a great online cosmetics shopping experience because it's great value, customer service, affordable and fast shipping and most importantly genuine and authentic products!

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lorien kate said...

what is their discount mac prices? have you received any? I'm so nervous about buying "bargain" quality makeup!!!