Friday, December 30, 2011


Hey girls,
So this is a Lush haul!! It's pretty big just because almost half of the products were discounted! Lush is currently selling out all of their Christmas range half price!! Crazy because I prefer Lush christmas products over their permanent collection any-day so stocked up when I saw this amazing deal! I have filmed a Lush haul with a lot of these products included and I am about to edit that but some of these I just bought tonight so they aren't included in the video. That's okay because I mainly just got multiples of most of the products! 
As you can tell from the picture above, this is a pretty crazy Lush haul! What's even more crazy is the fact that I will use all of this and quickly!! So let's get started with the items I picked up from the Christmas range!
4x Satsumo Santa Bath Ballistic ($5.95)
Nothing extremely special happens with this bath bomb but it turns your water red and smells amazing! Inspired by Japanese and British traditions, it smells very citrus with lots of orange scents!
 4x Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic ($6.95)
These adorable little present shaped bath bomb has a blue layer inside so they turn your water green but the real present it when little gold stars appear and float around your bath tub. This one smells amazing, like orange tic tacs! Something also really cool is if you shake it, you can hear a rattle which is the layer of blue bath bomb!
4x Abominable Bath Ballistic ($6.95)
This one has such a lovely peppermint smell, very refreshing and awakening on a hot summer day! This one has blue on the outside and yellow on the inside, turning your water green with white foam! I got two of these on sale half price! I wish I had of waited for the sale before I had bought any christmas stuff because I paid full price for most of it!
 2x So White Bath Ballistic ($5.50)
This is a very simple bath bomb that you could use every day if you want. It makes your water very smooth and creamy. It also smells amazing, giving your whole bathroom an apple scent!
 Rocketeer Bath Ballistic ($5.50)
This is such an adorable products! It smells of children's candy sticks as well as the blue and yellow turn the water green while the black parts give the water some silver sparkle. A really cute product for kids, I know my little 6yr/o brother will love this!
Superstars Bubble Bar ($5.95)
This is such a gorgeous bubble bar, strawberry scented and infused with a heap of relaxing and mind clearing oils! Of course it makes amazing bubbles like all other bubble bars and I find it to be more moisturizing than most of the other bubble bars, of course not including The Comforter!

The Melting Snowman Bath Melt ($5.50)
I also picked up two of The Melting Snowman Bath Melts but used them straight away because my skin has been feeling a bit dry the past week or so and these contain Cocoa and Shea Butter so after using only two of these, my skin isn't dry any more and so much softer! I wanted to get more on the half price sale but they were all sold out in store and online so I guess I will just have to wait until next year!
Gingerbread House Bubble Bar (5.95)
This bubble bar is good enough to eat, it even has sprinkles on top! It is a very warm scent with cinnamon, ginger, brown sugar and hints of vanilla! Creates amazing bubbles.
 Candy Mountain Bubble Bar ($6.95)
It is the creamy candy bubble bar reshaped for Christmas! Last year it was a Candy Cane and this year it's a Mountain Peak. Smells delicious and reminds me a lot of The Comforter Bubble Bar (my all time favourite Lush product!). 

So that's all the Christmas items I picked up, now onto things from their permanent range!

 3x You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt ($8.50)
$8.50 for 30g is crazy expensive and it's hard for me to justify spending that much but at the end of the day, it makes my skin so soft and for that it's worth it! I love mixing this with Ma Bar Bubble Bar because it's a delicious mixture of mango, vanilla and chocolate which is perfect for Summer baths! Infused with mango and avocado butters as well as lemon and lime oils!
 Titsy Totsy Bath Ballistic ($6.75)
This is quite different to most Lush Bath Ballistics in the way that it is very plain and simple! Just white with rose petals and smells like real roses, another very romantic sensual scent similar to Sex Bomb!
 Mrs Whippy Bath Ballistic ($6.75)
A super moisturizing strawberry milkshake for your bath! Includes the moisturizing ingredients Cocoa Absolute, Almond Essential Oil and Buchu Oil as well as the yummy ingredients Tapioca and Milk flour. Very moisturizing compared to most other bath ballistics!
 Sex Bomb Bath Ballistic ($6.75) 
Contains the sensual and moisturizing jasmine, sage and Ylang Ylang oils. A very powerful and calming musky scent! You get a huge amount for the price, this bath ballistic is 200g! It makes your water such a beautiful colour and fills the bath with rice paper rose petals! Such a romantic bath bomb! You can click here to see the review I have done on this already.
Think Pink Bath Ballistic ($5.50)
This used to be so much bigger than it is now but it also dropped in price so it's quite small but you save some money! It is such a gorgeous scent! Tonka Bean and Vanilla with candy undertones! You can click here to see the review I have done on this already.
Just some pictures I took on my phone at the Lush store! I had to show you guys how crazy the deal was, half price is heaps! They were also having crazy sales at a lot of other stores! I bought 2 bras from the Playboy range at "Bras and Things" which had a sale sticker of $40 when usually they are between $60-$80 but they scanned as $25 and $30!! So freaking cheap!!! I love after christmas sales!
I hope you enjoyed this Lush haul, I am obsessed with Lush and will use up all these products very soon so expect another one in the near future!


Unknown said...

What a great haul Jordy! I am really new to Lush so you have given me so many ideas on a few products I will try :)

noone said...

ohh so much Lush goodies, everything from that store always smell delicious!

Eugenia said...

wow! such a big lush haul!! Do you think you will use of these?!?