Saturday, December 31, 2011


Hey girls,
This is going to be all about New Years Eve! What I wore, how I did my makeup, how I painted my nails, how I styled my hair, accessories I used, what i carried in my clutch and everything like that! This is like a FOTN, OOTN, NOTD, HOTD and what's in my purse all rolled into one huge post! I really hope you enjoy reading this!
 This is just an overview of everything :) Keep reading to see everything in more detail!
I wanted the main focus of my makeup to be my flase eyelashes so I didn't go too crazy with the eyeshadow or lips. I'm wearing MAC Electra eyeshadow and MAC Forgery on my lid, MAC Black Tied in my crease and Vanilla as a highlight. I used my Chanel Liquid Eyeliner to create a winged out look and I set that with my MAC Black Tied eyeshadow. I'm wearing Ardell Demi Lashes and I didn't cut them or anything, I just put them straight on with some eyelash adhesive I already had because they didn't come with some. I'm wearing on my face Chanel Matt Lumiere foundation and Pressed Powder, Studio Sculpt concealer, Chanel Soleil De Tan bronzer and MAC Ladyblush Creme Blush. On my lips I'm wearing MAC Lustering Lipstick with MAC Petite Indulgence Creme Sheen over the top. I really like the way it turned out because I hate using false lashes and looking over the top but because I went pretty basic with everything else, the lashes didn't seem so dramatic.
I used the little wrislet that came with my DKNY Golden Delicious perfume which was a perfect size and held everything I needed it to for the night! It also perfectly matched the gold heels of my shoes which was awesome. I also loved how it had a chain you could hold it from or you could put the chain inside the purse and just carry it like a clutch. Scroll down to see the things I brought with me for the night in this purse.
I wore OPI Shorts Story with OPI Happy Anniversary over the top. Shorts Story on it's own has no shimmer and is a fairly light pink but when you put the shimmery white colour Happy Anniversary over the top, it creates a gorgeous sparkly fairy floss pink! I also used OPI Alpine Snow and a nail brush to draw a quick little design on my thumb nails, I didn't have the patience to do all of my nails haha! The main reason I chose to make my nails this colour was because it perfectly matches the shade of pink in my shoes!
I just wore my white gold diamond ring that I wear everyday! Mixing metals is a huge trend so I wouldn't usually mix gold and white gold together but I decided to try it out.
I wore my Guess Billows which I bought especially for NYE and kind of based my whole outfit off. You can read the crazy adventure I went through buying these shoes on boxing day here. For 5 inch heels they are suprisingly fairly easy to walk in and quite comfortable.
I actually went really simple with my hair! I washed it using John Frieda Sheer Blonde Moisturising Shampoo and conditioned with Macadamia Oil Hair Masque. I used Nak Moroccan Argan Oil when I got out of the shower then blowdried. I used Redkin Satin Wear as my heat protectant and straightened my hair with my usual straightener. I was going to curl my hair but didn't have time to wash it the night before and my curls don't last at all if I wash my hair right before I do them so I just straightened.
I also wore my white gold diamond necklace I always wear which is a very simple item but adds a lot of detail. 
I always bring a little jacket or coverup when I go out so because it's NYE and I was going to be out at least past 12, I brought one of my warmer cardigans for when I got cold. It's a very basic black but has some really cute lace detailing at the back and top at the front.
I was just wearing a basic black bandage skirt which is a really simple fashion piece but is a wardrobe staple! I always wear a bandage skirt when I want my outfit to be a bit dressier than if I wore mini shorts or jeans. It hugs and accentuates any curves you have which is great if you want to look a little more curvier.
I was deciding wether to go with a really crazy sparkly sequin top or something more simple and I ended up going with this plain black blouse because I think it really allows my hair, makeup, purse and shoes to have more attention! It's a really lovely top by the brand Filo and is super detailed! It has really gorgeous details on the shoulder straps and a very low back. It's also synched in at many places and has this sort of piece of fabric that hangs of the actual shirt that I tried to show in the pictures above.

What I Carried In My Clutch
 So I have already mentioned this but this is the clutch that I got as a gift with the DKNY Golden Delicious perfume. It was perfect for NYE and fit everything I needed it to! It also perfectly matched my shoes which was a bonus!
 So here's a little overview showing you how everything sort of had it's own little place.
 Bobby Pin- To get my fringe out of my way.
Headband- In case I decided to put my hair up.
Eyelash glue- In case my lashes decided to fall off, which they didn't thank god!
Perfume- A cute little mini perfume sample to freshen up.
Breath mints- At events like NYE, it's usually pretty loud and you have to talk close to people's faces so you don't want to have bad breath, that's just gross! Also, Listerine PocketPaks are very slim and portable so they don't take up much room in your purse!
 Mirror- A cute little hand mirror to help me when re-applying my lipgloss or using blot film.
Blot Film- I love the MAC ones for when my skin gets oily and if my powder doesn't fit in my purse.
Lip Products- I always bring the lip colours I'm wearing to touch up wherever I go.
 I was wearing MAC Lustering Lipstick and MAC Petite Indulgence Creme Sheen Gloss so I brought them to touch up!
 I always carry cash, ATM cards, ID and transport passes when I go out!
They fit perfectly into this little pocket of my clutch so it keeps them safe.

 Phone Case
The phone case I was using is just this plain white sparkly gem one. Pretty basic and not one of my bedazzled ones because they didn't fit into the clutch as well and this simple one did.

New Years Resolutions
♥ Start making videos on my Cooking Channel.
♥ Start eating healthier and exercising.
♥ Appreciate the little things in life more.
♥ Stress less.

Whoever you were counting down to midnight with, I hope you had a lovely New Years Eve!
Thank you so much for reading and I look forward to a beauty filled 2012 with you lovely girls!


MissAshDG said...

You looked beautiful Jordy!! I hope you had a great time! Happy New Year!! =)

Claire said...

Very pretty :)