Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hey girls,
I am going to be sharing with you what was in the December GlossyBox and doing a little review on the company; my opinions, if I recommend looking into this box and comparing it with others. There are so many boxes out in Australia at the moment and I know a lot of girls research into these sorts of things before they sign up so I thought a review could help some of you decide to sign up for this box if your sitting on the fence about it.
 I just want to start out by saying that I was seriously impressed by this box!! If you read my blog pretty often you will know that I have been subscribed to the Lust Have It box in the past and the GlossyBox is HUGE compared to the Lust Have It! To me, that's a really good thing because a bigger box suggests you get bigger samples and more product compared to a smaller box.
 Inside it's shipping box is another box which is actually really good quality and I haven't seen with any other boxes! Usually the samples are just shipped and packaged in the little mailer thing but GlossyBox comes with a great hard case box inside that protects all of your products and you can reuse it once you empty all of your samples out!
 Comes beautifully packaged with a lot of time and care put into each box.
 Here is an overview of the December Glossy Box.
 Every box comes with a helpful little card full of information about what's in your box, the full prices of items and a little bit about the theme of your box that month.
 Something else really cool that I noticed is that they include little vouchers and promotions as well as the samples!
 1. Clinique Turnaround Overnight Radiance Moisturizer (7ml)
This product promises to replace dull skin and surface cells with a healthy radiant glow from this moisturizing and revitalizing night serum. I have actually used this product before and love it! A little goes a long way and this sample is quite well sized so it will last a while meaning you can get a real sense of if you want to purchase the full size.
2. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Base and Top Coat (13.3ml/full size)
All good manicures need a base and sealer, this all-in-one nail miracle, sets polish for 10 days and creates stronger nails instantly. Again, I have tried this product in the past and it has worked really well for me. It definitely makes your polish last a really long time and adds a gorgeous shine to your manicure!
 I thought it was really handy how the box included a little Sally Hansen booklet filled with a bunch of really helpful tips and tricks on helping achieve the perfect manicure.
 3. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Secret Weapon Flawless Finishing Creme (30ml)
John Frieda is an amazing brand, one of my all time favorites and anything from them works miracles for my hair. I feel silly saying this again but I have tried this product also! It is a great product though and not only "restores silky-softness to your hair" but also helps any imperfections your hair creates when styling and controls fly-aways with a smooth healthy gloss look.
 4. Tigi Haircare Manipulator by Bed Head (full size)
Used for texturising, adding volume to hair and holding styles; I am interested to try this product out! Coming from Bed Head I expect it to be amazing and don't think I will be let down. Something really awesome is that this is a full size product worth $23.95 making the whole box worth your money for just this one product.
 5. Gorgeous Lip Pencil (full size)
A smooth formulation, rich pigment lip pencil that prevents bleeding, feathering and fading! I love nude lip liners because they can be used under almost any lipstick and creates a base that the lipstick colour can stick onto. I have never heard of this company before so these boxes are a great way of trying out new things and falling in love with new brands. Another full sized product and this one is worth $25 making the value of your box well over the $15 cost price.

Opinions On GlossyBox
I firstly want to comment on how amazing I think the balance and variation between the products selected to go into the box are! You get something for your nails, skin and hair so you are able to try out a diverse range of different products for each aspect of beauty. Three products were completley full sized and the other two were deluxe sample sized which is amazing value!

Comparison to Lust Have It Box
After receiving this box after the Lust Have It box, it only makes my opinions of GlossyBox higher because I could spot the differences and see in many ways how the box I was subscribed to wasn't that great. If you go back and read my Lust Have It posts I was always complaining about how they constantly gave out anti-aging samples and tiny little one use hair samples! The size of the box is also another reason why GlossyBox seems to be much better than Lust Have It. Lust Have It also had much smaller sized samples which kind of proves my theory about the bigger the box, the more product you receive.

In my personal opinion and brief experience with this company, I think GlossyBox is fantastic! With my experience being limited to only two boxes, I can't compare Glossy Box to much but so far it's my favourite and I'm very impressed with the box I received.


G said...

oh fun! i wish we had something like that here in the philippines :D

Anonymous said...

How big is this box? Can you give approximate dimensions? Length, width, height? Thanks.

Jordy said...

It's much bigger than other boxes I have tried! The dimensions are 24cm, 30cm and 18cm :) It weighs just under 1kg.
~Jordy xx