Tuesday, January 3, 2012


 I created this series on my blog so if you are interested in wearing what the specific celebrity is wearing, you are able to find out where to purchase each item to reconstruct the exact outfit. I think this is great because celebrities are always very fashionable and put together so now anyone can know where to find and buy these products online to look just as fashionable!

 This time I will be recreating a look that Lauren Conrad wore at the ENK Fashion Coterie to represent her new fashion line "Paper Crown". She is dressed very casual but still chic and put together. She accented her all black outfit with a camel colored blazer and wedges. I seriously love this look and wanted to show you girls where you can get the pieces she's wearing to copy this style.

I'm sure every girl has a basic black top hanging around in their closet so this is a super easy part of the outfit to recreate. Any loose fitting long black top will work so just use anything that you have.

Her blazer really pulls the whole outfit together and matches her shoes perfectly! I looked into a lot of different blazers and this one is probably your best bet. It's almost identical only the fold doesn't go right down to the button and the button is camel color also, not black.

 This is another piece which is super easy to find and has a huge price range depending on what your prepared to spend. I love these wet look / liquid leggings because they really add something different to an outfit instead of normal leggings. 

 These wedges match the blazer perfectly and look amazing with the liquid leggings.

I was a little surprised by Lauren's choice to add the geeky style glasses to her outfit but she pulls it off very nicely and they are also very affordable and a nice touch to the overall look.

Lauren has a really thin blue bracelet on her right arm so of course improvise with anything you have but if you don't have anything similar, i suggested this ASOS bracelet.

Lauren just has a few basic silver rings on her fingers.

OPI Wine Me & Dine Me
Lauren is wearing a deep wine colour on her nails, this is from the Hollywood collection.

So those are my suggestions on how to recreate the look that Lauren wore while promoting her new fashion line "Paper Crown".
I hope you enjoyed and found this helpful.


Nhi said...

i absolutely love LC:)
and thanks so much for your comment. also wishing you the best for 2012.

i'm your new follower now, hope you like my blog too.


Monsterchen said...

oh i love wet look leggins they are so hot!
love and kiss,mary