Saturday, January 21, 2012


Hey girls,
Lustering from MAC is a lipstick I have been reaching for so often recently that I just have to talk about it with all of you! It is a stunning warm cranberry pink shade with a hint of red that is super wearable! I stumbled across this lovely lipstick when I was look for Girl About Town but decided on Lustering because I could tell I would get much more use out of it!
The fact that it's quite sheer and glossy makes use really simple and means you can apply it without much thought on the go and it will still look really lovely. This makes it a perfect lipstick to throw into your purse and have with you for easy application.
The formulation is a lustre so it's a very slippery consistency which some may not like but I really enjoy because I find them very moisturizing and they feel nice and smooth. When you wear this you can barely tell you have anything on as it's a very natural feeling.
Whats great about this lipstick is that you can wear it as a sheer wash of colour and gloss all over the lips or you can apply lots of coats to really build up the pigmentation and make it become more opaque. The first swatch is one swipe and the second is a couple of coats.
You can purchase MAC lipsticks in Australia from David Jones or Myer for $34.
Tell me if you own this lipstick or if your going to try it out!


dmgxoxo said...

This lipstick is so pretty!!!!
Btw today I uploaded a post and I've given you an award on it!!! I know you've already had this one as it's on your awards page but I still wanted to give you this award from me :D
Here's the link to the post!

LauraMck said...

Wow this lipstick looks beautiful... I never can pull of reds but this lipstick is sheer so I think I may give it a go!!! xx

Jessica said...

Great review! Love this color!

<3 Jessica

Hayley said...

Great swatches! I love this lipstick!!
-Hayley xx