Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Hey girls,
I have barely any of the MAC mineralize eye shadows but the ones I do own, I adore and love using so I figured I would do a little review on the shadows and share my opinions as well as introduce you to the very few colours I own. The whole concept behind the mineralize collection is having light weight cosmetics that feel really natural and like skin due to their fine pearl formulation.
I personally love these shadows because they have a variety of colours in them, always at least two making them very versatile. So they are great for saving time because you only have to use the one shadow for an eye look, money because you get to try a couple of different colours when you buy just one eye shadow and traveling when packing light and only bringing minimal makeup. The pigmentation and quality really varies from shadow to shadow so I will be sure to include that in the description for each one. In comparison to normal MAC shadows which are 1.5g, they are much larger at 2.2g. This factor does affect the price, costing $33AUD for a normal MAC shadow and $38AUD for a mineralize shadow but I do understand the price different because you do get a lot of product and different colours. 
 Fresh Green Mix: The biggest portion of the shadow is a gorgeous green with gold reflects while the rest is a marble design of a lighter green, gold and a smokey black. The overall pigmentation is quite impressive and shows up really well with no fallout!
The first swatch is the solid green side and the second swatch is the other colours mixed together.

Two To Glow: These colours are gorgeous, half is a bronze orange and the other half is a marble design of brown and baby pink. Unfortunately there is a bit of fall out with this product but the pigmentation is amazing!
 The first swatch is the solid orange side and the second swatch is the other colours mixed together.

 Bright Side Gallery Gal: One side is a gorgeous olive green with warm gold reflects and the other side is a gorgeous champagne colour which reminds me of Stila "Kitten". Pigmentation is amazing with no fallout!
 The first swatch is the solid olive green side and the second swatch is the champagne shadow.

 It's A Miracle: The main portion of the eyeshadow is a deep plum colour then there is a little section of gold. The plum is very pigmented with no fall out but the gold is an awful flaky glitter with no pigmentation and heaps of fall out.
 The first swatch is the plum shadow and the second swatch is the gold.

 Engaging: You can probably tell by the state of mine that I love this shadow, especially the gorgeous pinky nude side! I also really adore the deep gold colour for the crease but I need to use much less of it so it doesn't look like it's been used much but it has because I love this eye shadow to bits! These are very wearable colours and convenient to use to put together a full everyday eye look.
The first swatch is the solid marble gold side and the second swatch is the pinky nude.

What are your thoughts on these Mineralize Eye Shadows?


Anonymous said...

Wow; these are so shimmery and beautiful!! :D Haha, there is definitely no mistaking which ones you really like! ^-^

Maria said...

I think they're absolutely gorgeous! I love the shades and most seem excellent quality!

Beauty Fiend said...

they all look abolutely gorgeous

Chriselle Sy said...

I wish someday I'll be able to afford MAC eyeshadows. They're simply gorgeous! I would hate to buy shadows that fall out though.


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