Monday, January 2, 2012


2012 is here so I thought I would talk about a few trends that have been predicted to become huge and accelerate this year!

1. Matte Lipstick
Matte lips hold many benefits that a glossy lip colour doesn't. Not only does it photograph amazingly and look great in pictures but it also creates a very sophisticated look and gives the illusion of fuller lips! It's a really popular look with celebrities on the red carpet and is perfect for a night out or a special dinner. This look could also be worn to work because it is less dramatic than a glossy lip.
2. Magnetic Polish
2011 saw shatter and crackle polishes dominate the nail world but in 2012 it's all about magnetic polishes and space nails! It's this super unique invention where you paint your nails as per normal then run a magnet over your nails once they dry and it creates a super crazy awesome design, how cool!? Can't wait to try this out because it sounds really different and interesting. 
3. Ombre Hair
Dip died locks became huge in 2011 and shows no signs of slowing down for 2012! Whether is as dramatic as nearly black roots and blonde ends like Drew Barrymore or as subtle as soft brown and soft blonde like Whitney Port, all forms of Ombre are in trend and hot right now. I personally love this look and am glad it's still in the cards for this year.
4. Gold Flakes and Pigments
Gold foil has become fashionable being used in lipsticks with gold flecks through it, high shine shadows and gold-leaf sheets being directly applied to eyebrows, eyes, lips and the face for a dramatic flaky gold effect! This technique made exceptionally famous by a Yves Saint Laurent runway show. Although it is mainly for pictorials and fashion runways, this trend can be included in everyday makeup looks but to a lesser degree by using lipsticks with gold reflects and shimmery gold shadows or liner.
5. Big Brows
Put your tweezers down. This year it's all about big and bold brows so get your eyebrow pencils and brow kits out. Making your eyebrows a main focus in your makeup look is a huge trend for 2012. Many celebrities and fashion designers have already caught onto this style, wearing them around town and styling their models similarly. Celebrities like Lady GaGa, Anne Hathway,  Mila Kunis and Fergie have been spotted wearing thicker brows while designers including the likes of Versace, Valentino, Wes Gordon and Kenzo have all jumped on this bandwagon for their 2012 launches.

So those are some predicted trends for 2012 as we enter a brand new year. 


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