Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hey girls, 
I just wanted to share with you an OOTN that explores how to wear metallics. It's always a challenge to put together an outfit involving a metallic piece without looking like a space alien and considering it's a huge upcoming trend for Winter, I thought it would be useful to share my tips on the way I style metallic pieces. 
Here I'm using a gunmetal sequin skirt as my metallic piece. The best way to style such a strong piece like a metallic mini is by mixing it with neutrals. I paired the gunmetal sequin skirt with a neutral toned, baby pink top and wedges. I prefer to wear metallics at night time but this piece could easily be worn during the day with some flats and a light coloured, oversize jumper.
For makeup, I went pretty simple with a basic smokey eye and some nude pink lips.
I topped off the outfit with some matching bracelets and silver polish. 
I hope these tips helped you if your thinking about joining in on the metallic clothing trend this winter!


Unknown said...

I really like the look !
[ I love love metallics hihi (: ]
&& great tips : D

Laila said...

Very pretty! Love the look:)I love your blog and youtube!


Nhi said...

wow you have an amazing smile! definitely need to know how your dentalcare is!:)


Diane said...

I love your top! You look gorgeous xx