Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Hey girls, 
I have recently changed my shoe organization, taking over the garage storage shelves with my shoes has put them in a prime position for me to quickly slip on before I get in the car and leave. Having them categorized into high shoes (heels, wedges, platforms) and low shoes (thongs, flats, boots) makes them accessible and easy to choose which shoes to wear depending on the outfit I'm wearing. Having them lined up so that I can see all of the options has also made it much quicker to decide than having to rummage through a giant box full of shoes. I'm pretty happy with the way I currently organize my shoes but I'm sure that it will change soon enough so here is my current collection and organization.
Keep reading for details about each pair of shoes.
 Guess pink and gold peep toes, Nine West silver bow peep toes, London Rebel cream peep toes.
 London Rebel black pumps, London Rebel silver strap wedges, Qupid black and twine strap wedges.
 Lipstick beige twine peep toe wedges, Forever New baby pink twine peep toe wedges, Rubi black bow peep toe wedges (+ Weather Guard for my sparkly shoes that need sealing from wet weather).
 I'm not really going to go through all of my flats because they aren't as interesting but I keep my most worn ones on this shelf and the rest I hardly wear in a box. I have a mixture of ballet flats, gladiator sandals, open toed flats, dressy flip flops, thongs and boots.
That is most of my shoe collection of date but even when writing this I can think of a couple of pairs I have picked up since this photo was taken but this is most of it and how I organize everything.

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Anonymous said...

I have those purple gladiators! btw, I followed you yay for an aussie :)