Saturday, June 16, 2012


Hey girls,
I wanted to share with you how I did my nails for this weekend and hopefully give you some rainbow rhinestone nail art inspiration
Firstly just paint each nail a different coloured base coat. I chose really bright colours that all contrasted well with each other. What order you put them in depends on what looks best to you!
 Colours used:
Gargantuan Green Grape
Pink Flamenco
No Room for the Blues
Do You Lilac It?
Atomic Orange
 For this next part, your going to need some nail rhinestones. I'm using a multicolor nail rhinestone wheel. I bought mine of eBay for $2.29USD. You can purchase the exact same one as me here. You can use basically anything you have but the main thing is that the rhinestones are small enough to fit a couple on the tip of your nail.
Now just use some tweezers to pick up the rhinestones and place them on the tips of your nail. With this wheel there was a coloured rhinestone that nearly perfectly matched each colour nail polish but if there isn't for you just choose the colour closest or go with silver or black.
I love the look that this gives! It makes you seem like you have just been to the salon to get your nails done when actually it only took you 10 minutes to do at home.


misstango2 said...

Great idea babes, love it!! Yep, I'm in Brisbane as well :o) xo

katiefloss said...

Omg I love this look! I think I'm gonna try it! Jordy this is my new blog :) katie xxx