Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hey girls, 
Recently I picked up a few Garnier tanning products when my Priceline was having a 20% off sale and considering I managed to choose three different types of their tanners, I thought it would be interesting to compare them. It's currently winter for all of those in the southern hemisphere which means less exposure to the sun and unfortunately pale skin! This is when fake tanning comes in handy and can bring a lovely hint of healthy colour back into your skin. However, there is a fine line between bronzed beauty and orange oompa loompa and that all depends on the products you use to help you achieve your colour! I hope these reviews are helpful in assisting you to choice your tanning products wisely to avoid tanning mishaps.

 Ambre Solaire Tanning Wipes
Consistency: This tanning product is in the form of a makeup wipe.
Application: It is a little difficult to apply because your not sure which part of the wipe has product still left on it and because the product is clear, you can't really notice where you have put it.
Developing Time: I noticed it reach it's full colour after about two hours but you start seeing effects after one hour.
Colouring: The colour actually turns out very nice and isn't too orange.
Duration: The colour started to wear off after about two days and was completely gone after four.
Usage: You can definitely do your legs and maybe your arms with one wipe but if your wanting to tan your whole body you will have to use both wipes.

Ambre Solaire Bronze Minute
Consistency: This tanning product has a gel consistency which makes it lovely and easy to apply.
Application: The product is coloured so you can tell where you have already put it which results in an even tan.
Developing Time: This tanning gel works instantaneously so you can see the true colour right away.
Colouring: I love that this is an instant colour where you can see results right away. Perfect if you forgot to gradual tan the night before and need instant colour for an event.
Duration: This product lasts until you hop into the shower and wash it off so it's great for a one night tan.
Usage: This bottle will last you a really long time! I say this because I have used mine at least 7 times and it still feels full. You only need to use 1-2 pumps to completely tan your legs and 3-4 pumps for your whole body.

Ambre Solaire Self Tanning Spray
Consistency: This tanning product has a spray consistency.
Application: The spray consistency makes it a little hard to tell where you are putting it and to get an even, non blotchy tan but I suppose all fake tanners are difficult.
Developing Time: The spray absorbs really fast and you begin to see results after about an hour then you can see the true colour after three hours. 
Colouring: I was pleasantly surprised that the product wasn't blotchy or orange at all despite it's misty uneven spray. It provides a very light tan so I wouldn't recommend this if you are wanting a really dark bronze.
Duration: I found that the tan became blotchy after two days so I exfoliated it off. If you exfoliate before and moisturise while the tan is on your could probably extend this time to three or four days.
Usage: I have used this once and I feel like there is still two thirds of the bottle left so I'm estimating two to three generous applications or four light applications are within each can.
Thank you so much for reading, I had fun trying out all of these different types of tanners and I hope it was beneficial me sharing my opinions of them with you all. 


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