Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hey girls,
I was at Priceline (as always) and stumbled across a sale for $5 Orly polishes! I have never tried Orly as I generally stick to OPI polishes so decided to buy something new and select a couple of bottles from their beautiful colour selection. I ended up with four bottles which only came to $20 (the price of one OPI) so its a fairly affordable brand.
If you prefer to watch rather than read, you can watch my review below.
Price: I ended up with four bottles which only came to $20 (the price of one OPI) so its a fairly affordable brand. 

Colour: It really depends on the polish how opaque the colours are but from the four I tried it's 50/50 whether they are sheer or opaque. These polishes are very true to colour so what you see in the bottle is what you get on the nail and you can kind of tell whether they are going to be sheer by holding them up to a light or checking how easily you can see the mixing balls inside the bottle. 

Consistency: The polishes are quite thin and watery so you need a few quotes to get a true colour.

Quantity: Each bottle contains 18ml which is more than OPI where you only receive 15ml. 

Longevity: I found that they are very long lasting, not chipping at all for a good 4 days.
 As you can see, this is an extremely sheer orange glitter that doesn't really show up well on the bare nail but would be lovely over an opaque orange polish.
A gorgeous frosty warm gold, a shade perfect for winter but I will probably wear this on my toes. 
"Walk Down The Aisle"
I was probably most dissapointed by this one because I was expecting an opaque mint green but instead got a light green shimmer. I probably should have expected this though because it does look quite sheer in the bottle.
"Strip Down"
This is a gorgeous strawberry pink with a light pink iridescence throughout it. There is only one coat on my nail in the photo so it looks quite sheer but you can really build this colour up to be quite opaque.  

My overall opinion is that Orly is a great nail polish brand and I will definitely be picking up more polishes from them hopefully soon!


Anna said...

I haven't tried these polishes before, but after this review i might give them a try. Great colours!

Unknown said...

Great swatches && great review !

THIRTEEN said...

Love Orly polishes! The "Strip Down" one is really pretty. :)

Kendall & Tiana