Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Hey girls,
This review is for all of your out there with oily skin. It can seem nearly impossible to keep your face looking matte all day with oily skin so I am very happy to tell you all that I have found the solution! It's not caking your face with powders or smothering your skin with blotting paper! It's as simple as applying a cream underneath your foundation which not only acts as a primer but also mattifies. This means that any oil on your face isn't noticeable from as early as the time you begin to put on your foundation rather than using a blotting powder after the oil has already soaked through your foundation. It leaves you no reason to need a primer let alone blotting papers or a blotting powder. Which magical product am I talking about? Does it even exist you ask? It's the Mary Kay Oil Mattifier! The must have product for anyone with oily skin.
Starting off with the packaging, the product comes in a sleek iridescent pink coloured tube which looks very pretty on a vanity. Aside from it's prettiness, the packaging is also very practical because of it's tip applicator. This makes the product easy to get out and ensures precise application.

To apply simply squeeze a little bit of product onto your finger tips and rub it into the areas on your face which are oily (probably the t-zone and maybe chin). 
Although the colouring of this product is white, it rubs in clear so it does not leave any colour residue on your skin that may have an effect your foundation colour. This product is a cream consistency, almost like a gel, making it very easy to rub into your skin.

This is a really long lasting product and leaves you shine free all day. I have worn my makeup while I have used this for 12 hours and I hadn't even started to become oily in the slightest. Results may vary person to person, maybe my skin isn't as oily as I think but it worked really well for me. 
It costs $25AUD for the tube which contains 17ml of product. You can click here to read more about this product or here to buy it of the Mary Kay website.  

Thank you so much for reading, I definitely recommend checking this product out.

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