Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Hey girls, 
As the end of winter is soon approaching, I have been getting my last uses out of outfits before Spring comes and it's too hot to wear them. I wanted to share with you all one of my favourite outfits for the colder weather recently and despite how sunny it looks in these pictures, it's still quite cold! I was actually freezing here! Sometimes in Winter it can seem hard to be fashionable but the key to overcoming looking drab in colder weather is accessorizing with many different pieces! This outfit would be pretty basic without all of the accessories from a company called "With Love Kirsten" I have used to achieve this look so keep reading to find out more about this outfit and all of the accessories. 
Sweater: Dissh
If winter wasn't coming to an end, I swear I would live in this! It is the softest and comfiest material and fit ever! Definitely worth the investment from Dissh for their amazing quality.

Jeans: Dotti
Something else that is totally worth the investment is from Dotti! I purchase a new pair of these every winter and they never disappoint me! The cut, shape and colour of these Jeans are amazing! I actually live in these during Winter.

Flats: Rubi Shoes
Basic coral coloured flats which match my sweater perfectly! Super comfortable and easy getting around in. Also really inexpensive from Rubi shoes for like $20 or $30!
I adore House of Harlow Inspired pieces and I completely understand why this design is the most popular because it's so chic and edgy. Perfect for dressing up a basic sweater like I have on and I love the gold accents. Click on the title to check out where you can purchase this necklace.
To me this clutch is more coral coloured than hot pink so it matched perfectly with my outfit especially because of the gorgeous gold accents including the gold clasp. This is an envelope style purse but still has a lot of space to hold things, I fit everything I need in there comfortably. Click on the title to check out where you can purchase this purse.
Another HOH inspired piece in the beauty Sunburst design. I love the little bit of "bling" that the fake diamonds add to the look and it's such a pretty design! Click on the title to check out where you can purchase this ring.
I love layering these rings together and they are so inexpensive! Yes you read that right, the belt ring is only 30 cents! Nice additions to your look when your already wearing a lot of jewelery as they are quite subtle and won't overpower what you already have on. Click on the title to check out where you can purchase these rings.
Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this outfit of the day and don't forget to check out With Love Kirsten for any of the accessories worn with this outfit.


Charlotte said...

cute bag

- ordaining serendipity

Alissa said...

I love the accessories you picked up! Would be awesome if you checked out my post on With Love Kirsten?