Monday, August 27, 2012


I am always on the look out for new and affordable brushes so was happy when I stumbled across this awesome Bloom Dual Mineral Brush in Target. I was in love from the moment that my finger tips brushed across the super soft bristles and I was positive that I was buying it once I looked at the price and saw that it was only $19.95! Considering your getting two different brushes in this one product, it makes it less than $10 a brush which is super cheap for us Australians! I have noticed that the quality is very similar to Artiste which is still quite affordable, but more expensive than this. It is such good quality, it's actually softer than some of my Sigma brushes. So I think it's safe to say that I pretty much love this brush duo to death and thought it deserved a review. So without further is what I think of the Bloom Dual Mineral Brush.
Foundation Brush
So your probably thinking...that is not a foundation brush. Usually you would be right as these shaped brushes are typically used for blush or setting powder but Bloom has a huge "Mineral Powder" range including mineral foundations. Brushes like this have been proven to be more effective when working with ultra-fine mineral powders than the stereotypical foundation brush which is usually a flat and stiff haired or stippling. I have had absolutely no problem with shedding from this brush and I find that it helps achieve a flawless finish by picking up just enough powder and evenly distributing it my the face. 
Concealer Brush
This is a much smaller and stiffer brush intended for the use of concealer as it provides a heavier coverage required to hide problem areas. For me, I think this is a little too large to be a concealer brush as it picks up way too much product and covers a larger area than needed. However, I have put it to good use applying foundation in places that my foundation brush doesn't reach like the sides of my nose and underneath my eyes. Similar to the foundation brush, I haven't experienced any shedding and have been really impressed with it's amazing quality that makes the brush extremely soft.

If you like the sound of this dual mineral brush and want to find out more about it, head on over to the Bloom website where you can buy it online or have a look out for it next time your at Target.

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Wow these brushes look great! :)

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