Saturday, August 25, 2012


These Max Factor Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadows were definitely an impulse purchase without much thought behind them apart from the fact that they were recommended to me by a few subscribers. Because of this I was a little worried as I like to research products before I buy them so I don't waste my money. Additionally I saw a couple of bad reviews on the Cover Girl versions of this after I had purchased so was very concerned that they would be a miss product. Fortunately, I have come to love these stick eyeshadows and really enjoy applying these high quality products. The aim of this product is a two step eyeshadow application for on the go when you want to apply your eye makeup quickly. The first step is a dome shaped coloured shadow which you apply all of the lid and the second step is a tipped darker colour which is to be applied in the crease. I'm just assuming that your supposed to blend the two colours together with your fingers so that there aren't any harsh lines.
The first shadow stick I picked up was "Pink Plume" which includes a gorgeous baby pink as step one to be applied all over the lid and a rich warm based brown as step two to be applied into the crease. These are such gorgeous colours and compliment each other really well to create a gorgeous eye look.
The second shadow stick I picked up was "Citrus Thunder" which includes a unique frosty olive green as step one to be applied all over the lid and a warm golden brown as step two to be applied into the crease. I don't usually wear green eyeshadow so I prefer the other one because I'm more likely to use it but I adore the golden shade in this stick.


MissAshDG said...

Jordy you have to wear more green!! lol Thats my favorite color to wear on my eyes. Although, I don't think I'd choose the green one over the pink one lol

Jordy said...

I wish I could wear it more but it seems to clash with my green eyes :S The pink one is definitely prettier ;) xx