Friday, August 24, 2012


I prefer wearing gel eyeliner but when I noticed that my Chanel liquid liner was drying out I figured I should probably replace it because I like having a liquid liner on hand just in case. I was kind of relieved to see my Chanel liner drying out because it was horrible and not worth the money which is probably why I was relieved when it dried out. I decided to never again spend that much on a liquid liner and headed over to Cherry Culture to pick up some new inexpensive liquid liners. I know it's hard to tell whether a product is going to be a hit or a miss with online shopping and how inexpensive these products are so I thought I would share my opinions and let you know my thoughts on them.
Kleancolor 101 Washable Eyeliner
This is my favourite product out of the two and what I love most about this eyeliner is the consistency, it has such a thick formulation! I hate it when liner are really watery and wet so this one is perfect. I also really enjoy the dark pigmented black colour because one of the reasons my Chanel liner was so awful is because it had a grey tinge to it which this one certainly does not.
Jordana Liquid Liner
Unfortunately this liner was a miss for me. The main reason for this is because it is such a wet and watery formulation which makes application difficult and messy. It also gets in my eyes because it's really watery! It also has a slight greyness to it so overall just a product that definitely didn't work for me.

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