Friday, November 2, 2012


I have been really enjoying Bloom mineral products recently as you would notice if you read my review for the Bloom translucent powder that you can check out here. This time I am reviewing one of their mineral blushes and this one is in the colour "bora bora". It can be sometimes difficult to work with mineral products but I find the easiest way for me to use Bloom mineral blushes and setting powders is by using the Bloom Dual Mineral and Concealer Brush which is specifically designed for picking up fine mineral products.
"Bora Bora" is a beautiful, rich coral coloured blush, perfect for the warmer weather because this colour is gorgeous on tanned skin with a matching coral lip! The pigmentation is amazing, you only need like smallest amount of this product to give your cheeks a beautiful coral glow! I am really looking forward to wearing this as my blush on summer nights out.

The packaging is like all of the other Bloom mineral products, in a screw top jar with a sifter. Since this is a very pigmented blush, sometimes it can be hard to not get too much product on the brush (which leaves you looking like a clown) so what I like to do it tap off the excess into the lid and use a very light hand when applying it.
Below are swatches of the blush, the bottom one is if you swatch the blush with a lot of product on your hand, showing it's maximum possible colour payoff and the top is a blended out swatch showing what it is more likely to look like when applied to your cheeks.
So if you have been looking for a new blush colour for summer, definitely check this one out!
Thank you so much for reading :)