Saturday, December 29, 2012


I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! Santa spoiled me this year and I was requested to show what I got for Christmas. I figured since the one I did last year was well received, I was happy to do another Christmas haul for this year.

Chanel Matt Lumiere Foundation & Chanel Soleil De Tan Bronzer
My mum bought me back ups of my foundation and bronzer to save me the money and time of repurchasing these myself. As we all know, repurchasing expensive products always sucks so this was a really lovely gift. She also bought me a back up for my Chanel concealer for my birthday so she is definitely keeping me stocked up on all of my basic makeup essentials.  

Schwarzkopf Marrakesh Oil & Coconut Set
I love all of the hair oils so I am excited to try out this trio including a shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment mousse. It contains argan oil and liquid keratin so I look forward to seeing the results on my hair. 

DKNY Golden Delicious 50ml  
I received this as a gift last year as well and  I have nearly run out so this was perfect! I wear this perfume nearly daily, it's my go to scent. I used to wear Be Delicious but I have started growing more into Golden Delicious. It's a great perfume, I definitely recommend smelling it next time you see a tester.

Planet Earth Cocoa Butter Summer Set
Inside a beautiful beach bag was four different products; a moisturiser, body wash, hand lotion and shimmer polish. Great for keeping the skin hydrated, exfoliated and glowing for summer. 

Planet Earth Hand Moisturizer Set
This set contained three hand lotions and two lip balms. I am definitely not in need of any moisturizers or lotions after this Christmas! 

Lush Products
I am a Lush addict so I was happy to add some more of my favourite Christmas products to my collection including Father Christmas Bath Ballistic, Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic and Cinders Bath Ballistic.

Christmas Themed Bubble Bath 
This stuff smells amazing and you can never have too much bubble bath so I look forward to pouring a heap of this into my next bath. 

Ultimate Fashionista, The Young Hollywood Style Guide
Although I think I prefer beauty to fashion, I think this book is great because I still really enjoy reading about fashion. I love how there is a lot of celebrity style inspiration in it.

Lana Del Rey "Born To Die" Paradise Edition
I have recently fallen in love with Lana's music and something about it is so relaxing especially to drive around to. I have been dying for the CD to play in the car instead of just the music on my phone because it doesn't sound as good but haven't been able to justify the $20 on a CD! I am so glad I received it as a gift because the music sounds much better in the car using the CD and I love it. 

Wallace Bishop 1 carat Diamond Earrings
I'm someone who loves good quality jewellery, real gold and diamonds and I usually receive a piece of nice quality jewellery every year. This year I wasn't expecting anything though because I already had a few rings, bracelet, necklace and earrings so I couldn't think of anything else I could have. To my surprise I received some more diamond earrings, this time they were .5 carats each earrings compared to my previous .75 carats! I was so shocked but really grateful and thankful!

Nescafe  Dolce Gusto Automatic Coffee Machine
I was so excited about this gift! I absolutely love tea and coffee and drink it daily so this is a great fit for my lifestyle and ma my daily tea and coffee's really fun! This machine does both cold and hot drinks so it's perfect for both winter and summer!

Cashew Poppycock and Fudges
I also received some yummy treats to enjoy with my coffees! I love Poppycock but can only find it around Christmas time so was glad I received some this year. I also have a huge weakness for fudge and this type is super yummy!!

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Unknown said...

Awesome haul Jordy! A girl should be spoilt once in a while :-)