Wednesday, January 2, 2013


 Happy New Year everyone and I hope you enjoy my first video of 2013! Thank you for making 2012
so amazing for me with your continued support, I love you all :)

Products Used:
Mary Kay Oil Mattifier
Garnier BB Cream
Solid Rose Concealer Palette
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer
Maybelline Translucent Setting Powder
Chanel Terre Ambre Soleil De Tan Bronzer
Bloom Mineral Blush in "Bora Bora"
MAC MSF "Soft and Gentle"
Essence Stay With Me Eye Primer
Australis Paparazzi Perfect "Frock and Roll"
Urban Decay Brow Beater
88 Neutrals Palette
Essence Gel Eyeliner
Calvin Klein White Liner
Maybelline Precision Black Liner
MUA Neutrals Palette
Love Alpha Mascara Duo
Essence Stay With Me "Candy Apple" Gloss


Unknown said...

Looking gorgeous Jordy! Loved the dress :-)

Val @ Making It Sparkle said...

Such a beautiful look! Love the dress too

Unknown said...

Hey Jordy,

I've noticed you tend to lean towards a matte foundation however use a dewy concealer.

I was just curious as to why you prefer a dewy concealer?

Loving reading your blog!!

Mel :)

Jordy said...

I use a matte foundation to keep my skin super matte as I have quite oily skin sometimes but I find that matte concealers don't work with my under eye area very well and are super drying so that's why I use a creamier concealer :) Thanks for reading! x

Unknown said...

Thanks for that :)
Also - I'm @mellyjay on insta but have just started blogging recently :)

Jordy said...

Oh awesome! What's your blog link, I can't seem to find it but would love to check it out :)

Unknown said...

Hey Jordy

There's only a few posts :) enjoy!
Mel x