Sunday, December 16, 2012


About four and a half months ago I changed my lifestyle to be healthier but you guys would probably know if you follow me on my social media sites, especially my cooking blog where I have been blogging all about healthy recipes and fitness tips. It seems like everytime I post a photo of myself going to gym on Instagram or something gym related, I always get requests to do fitness/health videos so I thought starting off with a clothing related fitness video/blog would be a great way to begin these sorts of videos. I recently went to Lorna Jane and took advantage of some of their Christmas sales they have going on at the moment. I thought I would share with you what I picked up :)

Little Miss Short Tight ($39.99)
Okay so these tights are from the "Little Miss" range but they are too darn cute I didn't even care haha! So yes, I wear kids tights to work out XD If your a size 6-8 clothing size usually then buy a size 10 in the "Little Miss" range.

These are the perfect yoga pants and the quality is absolutely amazing! Not to mention that they are super comfortable and moveable while you are exercising. If your usually a size 6-8, an XS fits nicely.

Black Tee ($24.99)
"Be strong for every workout, brave for every challenge and never never give up"
I love the colour combination of turquoise, hot pink, white and black.

Grey Tee ($24.99)
"Never Never Never Give Up"
The sparkly pink on this top is so adorable and I love grey to work out in.

Pink Tee ($24.99)
"If you can dream it, you can do it"
This top is part of their fluro line so it's not surprise that this is a massive pop of hot pink. This is the top I wore in the video version of this haul and below is a picture of me trying it out in the dressing room.
*All of the Inspirational Tee's are on sale at the moment, 2 for $50*
If you are a size 6-8, get a size S for these tops.

Pink Cropped Lattice Bra ($65.99)
This is the most awesome workout bra I have ever owned! The details are incredible; at the top of the bust there is a knit crochet design and at the back there is an adorable "LJ" emblem. Not to mention that it is actually really supportive while exercising.
I hope you all enjoyed this haul!
Thanks for reading :)


Krissy said...

Great haul! Lorna Jane is sooo expensive though!

You are looking fab btw! :D

Jordy said...

I know! I wish it was a bit cheaper!
Thank you lovely :) x

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Harry Mason said...

Yet another post I'm going share with my buddies on facebook. Thanks!

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