Thursday, December 13, 2012


Towards the end of the year there are always a whirlwind of events and parties to attend from work Christmas get-together's to Christmas Day and New Year's celebrations. I always love having a go-to lip colour for the holiday season and it changes year to year! This year I decided to share mine with you and it is the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar in "Harlot".

If you have heard anything about the OCC Lip Tars you would know how long lasting they are so not only do you have a gorgeous pigmented colour but it's going to stay on all night for your event or party! It's amazing long-lasting aspects means that it is very liquidy when applied but dries into a non transfer consistency meaning it won't rub off even through eating, drinking and kissing. It's the perfect combination of practical and pretty!

I absolutely love this deep raspberry shade because it gives a youthful spin on your basic red lip while still spicing up your usual everyday nudes and pinks for a rich pop of colour! I think this colour definitely suits the holiday season and has been the perfect shade for some events I have been to so far this Christmas.

My tip is to use a precise lip brush to apply this product and outline your lips with concealer. As it is such a dark colour and so pigmented if you do go outside your lip lines, it's going to be difficult to remove so choose a small brush to apply this to be extra precise. Once applied, go around your lips with concealer and a small flat brush to clean up the edges and make the colour pop against your skin.
Above are photos of some occasions where I have worn this lip product so far! In the first photo I included my outfit because I found a skirt that perfectly matches the lip colour, making it great for a Christmas party. I also wore it in my Christmas Ice Recipe video and received so many compliments! I toned the colour down a bit by slightly staining my lips with the product for everyday use, as seen in the third picture.

Let me know your favourite lip product for the holidays below :)
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Tiarni said...

this red looks amazing on you jordy! very pretty :)

Gianna @ Makeup and Me said...

This is a gorgeous colour!! Looks stunning on you :)