Sunday, January 6, 2013


Revlon Summer Sunset Set 
This Set was $34.95 which is a good deal anyway but it was further reduced to $24.46! Such an amazing deal for a lip product, eyeshadow quad, nail polish and coin purse from Revlon! Considering Lip Butters are $22, Revlon eyeshadow quads are usually $25 and Revlon nail polishes are usually $12, the set is worth at least $60 including the purse. I was tempted to buy this set for myself full price so was so happy to see the amazing deal even further reduced!

Chi Chi 8 Nail Polish Set
I was so close to buying this set when it was $20 because it meant that each nail polish was only $2.50 each but I got this further reduced to $13 so each nail polish was only $1.60 which is so cheap for a good quality nail polish! I love all of the colours in there and thought they were perfect for summer.

Peter Alexander "Dare To Bear" Bloomer PJ Shorts
These are the cutest PJ shorts ever! Sooo comfortable and great for lounging in. These were reduced from $35.90 to $20. 

Peter Alexander Pink and Green Spotty PJ Shorts 
These are almost as comfortable as the bear ones and equally as cute :) They were originally $35.90 and reduced to $20 as well.

*All Lush was 50% off*
Lush Popcorn Lip Scrub ($5.40)
Lush  Captain Bubblebeard Bubble Bar ($4.50)
Lush Cinders Bath Ballistic ($2.60)
Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar ($3.25)
Lush Christmas Cracker Bath Ballistic ($4.50)

Forever New Fluro Yellow Necklace
I love the colour of this and it was marked as $20 but came down to $10.

Forever New Fluro Yellow Bracelets
I love these two thin fluro bracelets and they were really cheap marked as $8 but came down to $4.

Forever New Rose Gold Cuff
I have been loving rose gold recently so thought this cuff was adorable, it was marked as $10 but came down to $5! So cheap for such a pretty and versatile accessory :)

Famous Footwear Sparkly Flats
You can never have too many flats and I saw these really cute sparkly brown ones for only $15 and couldn't resist. 

Temt Blue Peplum Dress
I saw this dress for $15 and thought it was really cheap for such a nice dress! I love the peplum style and the colour is really different to anything else I have. 

I adore anything hot pink so couldn't resist this adorable peplum top for only $7.50!

Ice Purple and Green Tops
I bought these tops on a 2 for $20 deal and thought they would be cute for layering or putting over a bikini since they are so sheer and can't be worn alone.

These weren't on sale but they were so cute, I couldn't pass them up. I think they were $30 or $35.

 I hope you all got some great Boxing Day sales as well :)
Thanks for reading!


Kitterz said...

What cute haul!

Those teddy bears are the cutest thing ever! And i love the blue in the peplum dress!

Kitterz said...

Those teddy bears are the cutest! and the blue in the peplum dress is beautiful!

Great haul lady!

Jordy said...

Thank you so much! I know right haha the teddies are adorable :) x