Monday, February 4, 2013


I want to introduce you all to Amber, AKA the sweetest girl I have ever met and my long lost sister! Not to mention she has an absolutely fabulous fashion blog and YouTube that you all need to definitely go and check out! She seriously deserves way more followers than she has and I'm sure she would appreciate it if you had a look at her blog and videos. 

Similar to myself she is a uni student from Brisbane who studies Journalism and Fashion, aiming towards becoming a fashion journalist! I love seeing girls who are really passionate about what they do and Amber is definitely someone who is enjoying what she does. She inspires me a lot as we are on a similar journey with myself aiming to be a beauty journalist. 

I don't write about as much fashion as I do beauty on here so if you girls are ever looking for some fashion inspiration and other related posts, Amber's blog is definitely a must to check out!
 Click here to check out Amber's blog ♥
Click here to check out Amber's videos ♥


Unknown said...

Great post, made me really enthusiastic so I checked out her blog && started to follow it!

Unknown said...

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