Monday, March 11, 2013


I get a lot of questions on how I wash my brushes! Everything from what products do I use and how often do I wash them to if I spot clean or just deep clean. I thought it would be helpful to make a video and write about everything I do to keep my brushes nice and washed but still in great quality! If you use the right products, washing your brushes doesn't have to be a difficult task or damage the condition of them. Keep reading to find out what I use, my techniques and a few tips.

MAC Brush Cleanser
You can buy this product at any MAC counter and I definitely recommend checking it out! It's great for spot cleaning!
Johnson's Baby Conditioning Shampoo
To deep cleanse my brushes, I use baby shampoo! I have had such a great experience using this product for the past two years as it not only works amazingly in washing every single bit of product out but it is also really affordable!

I wash my brushes using three simple steps.
1. Add some baby shampoo to the palm of your hand and depending on the density of your brush; add some water to your hand or your actual brush. 
2. Work the baby shampoo into the brush hairs and swirl it around in the palm of your hand.
3. Rinse the brush off and remove any excess water from the bristles by wringing it out then place it on a towel to dry.

* Try washing more than one brush at a time.
* Make sure that you tilt your brush downwards when underneath running water so no moisturise gets inside of the handle.
* If all of the product doesn't come out first go, take the time to repeat the washing process to ensure that it's completely clean.
* Shape your brush the way you like it before leaving it on a towel to dry. 

So that's everything I do to wash my brushes, I hope you found this helpful!


Anonymous said...

Great post!! I might have to try the mac brush cleanser! I just use shampoo to cleanse my brushes once a week! :)

beautyqueenuk said...

Love that video, reminds me that I need to do mine xx

The Braided Bandit said...

Baby shampoo is such a good idea! Sometimes I use mild face wash to clean them but never feel it does the best job, thanks so much for sharing our easy tips! Hope you had a great weekend!
xo Hannah

Unknown said...

I try to wash at least 8 brushes at once since it's such an effort clean them. love your blog. you have a new follower!


DD said...

Great video! Love the Johnsons baby shampoo tip!

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Vett Vandiver said...

thanks for sharing -- very helpful!

Amanda said...

great post, I heard that some people use conditioner too =)

Unknown said...

Hi just found your blog! Firstly, you are so pretty! Haha I really want to try the MAC brush cleaner, I've heard some good reviews on it. I always feel good after cleaning my make up tools, quite therapeutic. Great post!

If you have a minute, take a look at my blog? :) If you enjoy it, maybe we could follow each other? Lucy x

Sakuranko said...

Oh really useful video. many thanks for share.


Unknown said...

Hi dear! Thank you for following my blog...I am now following you as well

Unknown said...

Jordy!! You're so pretty!
Ok, I use the Baby shampoo and used to previously use the MAC brush cleaner. But now, it's just plain washing with Baby shampoo!

I'm your newest follower. :) Hope you'd check my blog out and follow back.

P.S. I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog, something that might interest you! :) Do check it out!

Michelle said...

Wow, You are very beautiful, such a nice blog you have here♥
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If you follow me, I follow you back.
Have a beautiful day!

Melinda said...

After seeing this post and watching your video I had to go out and get myself some of the Johnson's Conditioning Baby Shampoo - it works a treat!

Previously I was using an antibacterial pump soap because that's what I had been told to do when I purchased my brushes.
Having made the switch my brushes feel much softer and smell good too!

Thanks Jordy

Mel xo