Thursday, March 14, 2013


Since my shoe collection is the backdrop for all of my videos, it's no surprise that everyday I receive requests to do a shoe collection and questions about where some of them are from. I am finally getting around to doing this and hopefully it answers some questions that you may have asked or just simply gives you some shoe inspiration.

* From left to right
Row 1- New Look, Wildfire, Dotti, Vybe, Rubi, London Rebel, Lipstick, Nine West, Lipstick
Row 2- Girl Express, Girl Express, London Rebel, London Rebel, Lipstick, Qupid, Wildfire, Lipstick, Guess, London Rebel
Row 3- Girl Express, Qupid, Forever New, Wildfire, Girl Express, Now, Now, Expressions, Expression, London Rebel
Row 4- Misc flats! London Rebel, Girl Express, Rubi Shoes etc.

- New Look, Wildfire, Vybe and London Rebel from Spendless Shoes and Famous Footwear.
- Girl Express from Kmart
- Expressions from Target.
- Guess from the Guess store.
- Nine West from the Nine West store.
- Lipstick from Windsor Smith

So that is pretty much everything you ever need to know about my shoes and more! I hope some of you found this entertaining or helpful.



RosyChicc said...

You have so many gorgeous pairs dear! I love them all to be honest! You have great style! :))


Hayley Nicole said...

I'd love a shoe collection like that!:O Great post!x

Anonymous said...

You have soooo many! Lucky girl :)


Meraki said...

wow u have a beautiful collection of shoes!!! thanks for dropping by our blog. love ur post!

ice pandora said...

You have a amazing shoe collection!

Scarlett said...

Hey aussie! Nice blog of yours, I just got inspired by your shoe collection..need to organize mine great that you do videos as well, stay in touch! Im following you via gfc!

Media rj said...

nice collections, please visit me back

Anonymous said...

IncreĆ­bles zapatos!!

Lala said...

im so jealous!! i love your shoe rack!!

Delightful Ideas

TAYLOR said...

Wow, you've got so many pretty shoes! Looooove the glittery ones, super pretty xo

GeorginaGoodman said...

lucky lady!!


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Unknown said...

All I can say to this is JEALOUS!!!! So very jealous!

Unknown said...

Ahhh I love shoes! So cute!
New follower!

<3 Kayla

Life's a shoe said...

fabulous shoe collection! love your shoe shelves!