Saturday, April 27, 2013


Okay so I realise that I just posted a Priceline haul but as you probably all know they just had their massive 2 day 40% off sale and I just couldn't resist the savings! I did manage to control myself and only choose a few items *pats self on back* so figured it wasn't worth making a video over and that I would just do a blog haul.

I also just realised that 3 out of the 4 products I picked up are from Face Of Australia so that's interesting as I don't even own that many products from FOA and wouldn't be what you consider a follower of the brand.
Face of Australia "Hello Dolly" Blush
I don't usually wear such bright pink cheek colours but this colourful shade was just too beautiful to pass up, I couldn't resist buying it and at 40% off, why not?!

Face of Australia "Nutmeg" Blush 
This is more a colour that I will get heaps of use out of. I love using a warm toned dark pink/brown blush to give a golden glow rather than flushed look and this shade is perfect with such great colour payoff.

Face of Australia "Black" Gel Eyeliner
Ever since the Essence Gel Eyeliner was discontinued, I have been on the search of the perfect black gel liner so thought I would give the FOA one a try. When I got home and compared it to the Rimmel Gel Liner that I picked up at Priceline during the "Gift of Beauty Bag" promotion, I realised that they are seriously the same product! Slightly different labeling but the exact same packaging and product.

Australis "Red" Pout Paste
I picked up the pink Pout Paste during the "Gift of Beauty Bag" promotion and really loved it so thought I may as well pick up the red one also. These are crazy pigmented and have a really nice formulation so glad that I now have two amazing shades to choose from. I didn't get the third just because the purple is a colour that I would never wear.

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Anna said...

Lots of gel eyeliners r packaged very similar nowadays. Nice haul :)

Imogen said...

I especially like the look of Australis "Red" Pout Paste

Julia said...

I'm your 500th follower here haha
Julia from

Ashii said...

Hello Dolly looks soo pretty in the pan! I think it would be such a pretty colour on you.
Funny about the FOA gel eyeliner with the same packaging as Rimmel. The pout pastes look so nice, too. xx

Nikki said...

The Hello Dolly blush color look so pretty! I'd love to get my hands on a similar shade.

Gemma Etc. said...

WOW Those Pout Pastes look amazing!!! xxx

Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

Flo said...

Everything looks so pretty, lucky you x