Monday, May 27, 2013


I am so EXCITED to finally share with you all my second eBook, the 5 Day Detox! Before my first detox I thought that I felt perfectly fine and didn't see the need but wanted to try one anyway and I am SO glad that I did because after that first detox, I actually felt so surprisingly purified and refreshed. The amazing "on top of the world" feeling was so shocking considering I thought that I felt so great before that and it was just amazing to feel 100x better. Since personally experimenting with many detoxes and spending much time researching the whole concept, I have found that the "OMG I feel amazing" sensation is actually due to all of the toxins that are hiding in our bodies being removed through the detoxification. So if you're sitting there thinking "oh but I feel fine, there are no toxins in me" then think again because I was in the same position, I'm just lucky that I randomly decided to start a detox one day. What we don't realise is how many toxins are actually in our bodies from; a previously/current unhealthy diet, alcohol, coffee, processed foods, makeup, hair dye, cleaning products and most horrifyingly our environment. All of these poisonous factors add up in the body and can cause serious issues if we don't detox, leading to illness and an array of health issues.

Jordy's Fitness 5 Day Detox ($4)

Keep reading for a sneak peek of what's inside this 5 Day Detox...

So this guide is a bit over 20 pages long and is packed full of information including;
♥ 5 day meal plan that sets out breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.
♥ 25+ recipes! A recipe for every meal mentioned in this plan and a few extras.
♥ Detox alphabet with over 35 terms.
♥ Detailed list of things to avoid while detoxing.
♥ Full grocery list to follow this detox.

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