Thursday, May 23, 2013


Autumn has finally arrived for us Aussies and despite how much I love the warmer months, it's time for a break from the scorching heat that is Summer! With this comes new nail polish options, transitioning from the brights and pastels to the glitters and dark colours. So I put together my Top 5 Autumn Nail Polishes to share with you all and hopefully give you some seasonal nail inspiration. These are colours that I would choose if I could only wear 5 nail polishes for the whole season so it's safe to say that I love them all to death. So in no particular order, I present to you my top 5...
#1 Furless 'Mild'
A gorgeous creamy peach colour, every girl needs their basic neutral for any season and this is definitely mine. It matches any colours and every outfit as well as looking really chic on the nails. You can also use this one to create a french manicure look to add extra class but overall is just a great everyday colour. I also suggest taking a look at the other colours Furless has to offer in their new collection that is perfect for Autumn. Click HERE to check out Furless and their incredible new nail polish range.

#2- OPI 'Glow Up Already'
It's rare for me to be able to like the look of all my nails being painted with a SUPER glittery polish like this one but 'Glow Up Already' is absolutely stunning! It can used used for 'sparkle factor' by applying it to every nail or it can just be added to an accent nail for a bit of bling. It's warm tones make it perfect to cohesively tie with your autumn outfits.

#3- OPI 'Dating A Royal'
You need at least a little bit of colour in Autumn and my favourite nail polish for this is 'Dating A Royal' because it's such a rich and creamy formulation but still quite a deep colour. One of my all time favourite OPI nail polishes!

#4- OPI 'OPI Ink'
It's such a deep purple it almost looks black but it has much more dimension in it as it contains duochrome purple, pink, silver and blue sparkles. It's such a gorgeous and unique colour that whenever I wear it, I always receive compliments because it's so eye catching.

#5- Sally Hansen 'Midnight in NY' 
The best way to describe this colour is to say that it's like a galaxy night sky or something because it is such a deep purple it almost looks black but there are gorgeous pink, purple, silver and blue glitters in there. It's kind of similar to 'OPI Ink' but it's much darker and more black/eggplant than purple.
I would love to get some more recommendations so what are your favourite nail polishes for Autumn?

Thanks for reading ♥

* The Furless nail polish was gifted to me but all opinions are honest and my own.


The Braided Bandit said...

Even though its not autumn here I love these colors! Sometimes I love wearing dark fall shades with a white summer dress to mix things up a bit :)
Hope you're having a wonderful day!
xo Hannah

Zandra May said...

Love the first one for a natural nail look, gorgeous shade x

Rebecca said...

Really want to try OPI 'Ink'! Love colours that look black from afar!

Your Beauty Fix said...

OPI's "Dating A Royal" is such an amazing blue color! i'll definitely keep a look out for it :)

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Photogenici by Nicole said...

Wow thanks..i love the black and the blue opi!

Great blogs you have..i follow (:


British Interior Architects said...

Wow glamorous looks nail polishes. This article helps me search these polishes as well. My most favorite one is dark blue nail polish.

Caravan holiday parks UK said...

Good looking brands i came across after reading your post,Wish i could get some more light colored nail polish for this Autumn.

Jen27 said...

Gosh, these are all beautiful! Love the look of Dating a Royal especially- such a rich blue! xo


Unknown said...

do u find with the Sally Hanson you have to do a few coats to get the colour payout you want?