Monday, May 6, 2013


I am here today to share with you all my April Favourites and I am very excited to introduce you to some new products that I have been absolutely loving this month. There's a really great mixture of; skincare, makeup, and nail products so without further ado, let's get started!

Revlon ColorStay "Decadent" Eye Shadow Quad
When you're in a rush in the morning, a little eye shadow palette is the perfect time saver because you have you lid, crease and highlight colour all in the one place. This Revlon Quad is one of those quick and easy palettes that are perfect for doing a whole eye look with, I have definitely been loving using this quad for my eye looks really often in April!

Australis "Red" Pout Paste
I wasn't sure what I would think about the Australis Pout Paste's but fell in love with them this month, especially the red one which is such a bright and vibrant colour that goes perfectly with a neutral eye if you want to add a pop of classic colour.

Rimmel Kate "16" Lipstick
Seriously in love with this coral-peach shade lipstick; such a gorgeous shade that is perfect for adding a bit of colour to your everyday makeup. It's much more exciting than a nude and more colourful than my usual dusty pink so it has been a lip colour I found myself reaching for quite often in the month of April.

Since the cooler weather has unfortunately arrived (I am definitely a Summer girl), I have packed away my pastels/brights and started experimenting with darker tones and more neutral colours. The combination I have been loving is the Rimmel "Black Cherries" Long Lasting Nail Polish on all of my nails with either the Sally Hansen "Midnight in NY" Salon Perfect Manicure or OPI "Glow Up Already" Nail Polish over the top on my accent nail.

Maybelline "Vivid Rose" Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick
This month I fell in love with the whole Color Sensational Vivids range but I particularly love "Vivid Rose" because although it's really bright, it's also still wearable.

B.Liv by Cellnique Shrink and Tighten
An amazing skincare product that aims to shrink and tighten pores to therefore reduce their appearance and the best part is that it actually works! I notice a huge difference is how smooth my makeup applies and the size of my pores when I use this product the night before.

Rimmel Gel Eye Liner  
So we all know how much I adore the Essence Gel Eyeliner but we also probably know how it was recently discontinued; causing me to manically rush around trying to find the "next-best-thing". I think I may have found it (well it did make it into my monthly favourites after all); the Rimmel Gel Liner has an incredible consistency and amazing pigmentation, it's only downfall is that it fades quite quickly.

So those are all of the beauty products I have been loving this month! Let me know your April Favourites in a comment below.


Val @ Making It Sparkle said...

I've heard so many good things about the maybelline vivids, I might have to try them. The "vivid" scares me a
little though.

Making It Sparkle

dawndugong said...

Great favourites! I recently got sent a few b.liv products and I cannot wait to try them out now after reading this! :)

Erin said...

LOVE the Sally Hansen Salon Mani polishes! They are fab, Great post! xx

Damp basement said...

Wow many type of make up things. Actually I love to use these things. My favorite makeup thing is eye shadow.

Karen said...

I can't wait to get my hand's on the Maybelline Vivids (but I'm going to try and find them cheaper) I'm not used to paying $26 for a drugstore lippy which is about the cost here in NZ.

I just posted my April Faves (no time to make a video for it) so I hope you'll check it out :-)


White dress shirts for men said...

I also want to buy above April favorites. I also like to buy and let know about up to date beauty products.

heydanixo said...

Great favorites! It's neat to see what you enjoy considering you are half way around the world from me lol.
-Danielle (:

Unknown said...

Love Vivid Rose! Great post!!