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For those of you who have tried a ghd before you will know that it is truly a hair changing experience! I have grown up using ghd's as my mum is a loyal user of them but unfortunately once I moved out of home, I couldn't just steal my mum's straightener from her and didn't want to spend $250+ on one for myself. So I have settled with a Remington for the last year and a half, I mean it did it's job but it just couldn't compare to my beloved ghd so I JUMPED at the chance to try one of the new stylers from the limited edition, 'Candy Collection'. I've got to tell you that I forgot how incredible these straighteners are; the first time I used this I couldn't believe how much better my hair looked than if I used my Remington (not bashing Remington, they are great for the price but I love my ghd's more).
Some of you might know that one of my first part time jobs was working at a hairdressing salon and we only ever used ghd's on clients because they are the best straighteners for any hair type and I could make almost afro-like hair, dead straight with one of these. They are truly professional quality hair stylers and you would find them in nearly every upscale salon you go to. So onto the review and more information about this lovely little hair miracle.

Quick Heat:
This styler heats up crazily fast, within 30 seconds but usually quicker than that.


So what makes a ghd so incredible is that they are super versatile; they aren't just a hair straightener! Due to the rounded barrel, the style can also be used to create curls.

Long Lasting

The great thing about ghd's are that they will last you a really long time; I'm talking 6-10 years!

Your ghd will definitely last you a long time and I have never experienced any issues with ghd's but if something does go wrong with your styler there is a 2 year guarantee where you can send it back and get another one.

The ceramic coated plates assist the styler to heat up and also leaves a sleek and shiny finish on your hair. Something else which is awesome is that the plates are flexible which allows for more movement and is less likely to to pull or tug on your hair.

The stylers from the 'Candy Collection' retail for $249 and that may seem like a lot of money for a hair tool but when you think about how long it's going to last you, it's definitely a worthwhile investment.
The 'Candy Styler' collection offers three incredible colours; violet, lemon and mint.

Heat Settings:
There is only one heat setting as it is self-regulating but it varies between 175-185 degrees which ghd says is the optimum temperature to style your hair.

Safety Settings:
This styler actually has a sleep mode so if you leave your straightener turned on, after half an hour if it hasn't been used it will beep. Then it will eventually go into sleep mode where the plates cool down and the heat stops. This is such a great safety function to have and I think it's really unique.

Little things like the cord really do make a difference, especially if you're using it every day so you will be pleased to know that it has a generously long cord and it's swivel which makes life so much easier because it allows for more movement and prevents tangling.


It has a universal voltage so with an adapter you can plug it in at most places in the world without blowing it up.

Heat Distribution:
The main problem with curling your hair with a hair straightener is usually that the heat isn't even throughout the straightener because it doesn't get as hot on the outside. Fortunately, with this straightener there is a very even distribution of heat so you can actually get a really good curl because the plastic around the outside heats up as well.

So I obviously chose the mint coloured styler from the 'Candy Collection' which is such an incredible and vibrant colour, click here for where to buy this styler (it is limited edition so if you want it, definitely be quick and get it) or here to view the other stylers ghd offer. There is a great section in the ghd website which showcases amazing hairstyles and how to recreate them so click here to check that out.

I hope you found this review helpful!
Thanks for reading ♥
* This product was gifted to me for review purposes.


Anonymous said...

That color is just dead on pretty!! I don't think I have enough money for a Ghd, so I may just purchase a Remington. However, if I can muster the cash up, I'm definitely considering it, because of the voltage and the rounded plates and how hot it can get. Thanks for the thorough review! You look really great - what lipgloss are you wearing? :) xx

Mishelles Sleepy Time said...

I love the colour :D

Unknown said...

I bought a purple GHD from one of their older collections a while ago and I absolutely love it! Yes it is pricey but worth the investment I think :) but now I have seen your mint blue, I am in love! Might need to get mint nailplish cos I don't need another GHD hahaha :)

beautyqueenuk said...

I want this one xx

MILEX said...


c said...

lovely post


Laura Dittrich (Fashion Landscape) said...

I have a Remington one too! This one looks good, can imagine that it makes a big difference :) x

Fashion Landscape

Lou said...

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Unknown said...

I love GHD's, they are amazing!!! I love the blue colour of these.. mine are baby pink :)

Kimberley x

Unknown said...

Oh and lovely blog! I'm a new follower :) x

Dressed With Soul said...

Unfortunately my hair is so sensible that I must be very careful with using straighteners although I would it like to have straight hair ... but this sounds good, maybe I should really try it!

xx from Bavaria, Rena

Ashii said...

I was lusting over one of these GHD's, I loove the colour you've chosen. I also have been using very occasionally an old Remington straightener at home but at work we use the GHD's as well and the quality is 100x better. xx

Gemma Etc. said...

Oh my god.. these are AMAZING! I am so jealous (in a nice way of course hehe) the colour is so pretty, and Summery <3 My ghd's broke, but I can't justify spending money on a new pair :( xxx

Gemma | ♥

HighlandFling said...

Love the colour you have, it is adorable. I have Ghd's as well, this is my second pair, I would never try anything else. Enjoy your new toy!

Em x