Saturday, June 15, 2013


I had a sudden urge to play with colour and decided on a gorgeous cobalt blue that I would use above my black gel liner. I decided to play down my lips so that they didn't clash with my dramatic eye look so went with a peachy nude. If you're anything like me who gets stuck doing the same neutral makeup every single time, you begin to be afraid of colour and think it's going to make you look cray! I definitely recommend giving it a go, after all it's only makeup and you can always remove it if you go a little OTT on the colour. Then again I'm sure that most of you reading this aren't afraid of colour at all and I'm just a conservative freak but whatever the case, keep reading to find out what products I used to create this look!

Products Used:
Chanel Mat Lumiere
Garnier BB Cream
Maybelline Shine Free Loose Powder
Maybelline Master Precise Brow Pencil
MAC "Vanilla" Eye Shadow
MAC "Sable" Eye Shadow
Calvin Klein "White" Eyeliner
Maybelline "Black" Master Liner
Face of Australia Black Gel Liner
Jordana "Cobalt Blue" Pigment
MAC "Clarity" Eye Shadow
Love Alpha Mascara
Demi Wispies Lashes
NYX "Nude Peach Fuzz" Xtreme Lip Cream
Chanel Soleil De Tan
Face Of Australia "Nutmeg" Blush

However silly it may seem, I definitely jumped out of my comfort zone with this look and actually love the way it turned out. Not only was the use of colour out of the ordinary for me, the nude lips were as well as I'm usually scared of pale colours washing me out. So if you take anything away from this I hope that it's inspiration to experiment with colour!

Thanks for reading ♥


Unknown said...

Gorgeous look Jordy!


heydanixo said...

Gorgeous as always(:

Anonymous said...

Jessica xx

Heather Nixon said...

Pretty makeup - perfect for summer :) x

mobile-fast said...

Wow you look great. I like your makeup style. Especially I like your eyes looks. Because eyes look attractive.

Scarlett said...

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Ashii said...

I love this on you!! The cobalt blue is so pretty. Now I wish I got Nude Peach fuzz!! xx

Nikki said...

Ooo! This blue pop looks so pretty!

Jenniya said...

You have a flawless skin dear! Love the shade on your lippie. :) You have a nice blog. Want to follow each other via Bloglovin? Let me know in my blog dear. 

XX, IamJenniya