Tuesday, July 2, 2013


We spend all this money on our clothes and often times if it's an expensive investment like a designer piece, we want to keep them in mint condition so we can get lots of wear out of them in years to come. So I have compiled a list of possible issues one could encounter when it comes to their clothes with a solution attached so that if you ever have to deal with this issue, you know exactly what to do.

The absolute heartbreak when you're out to coffee with your friends and spill your skinny cap all over your new white blouse or when you're having dinner with your boyfriend and spill red wine on your favourite pastel skirt. It's always the worst with light colours so if you're anything like me who loves wearing white and pastels then listen up because this is important information on how to bring your gorgeous clothing item back to life by removing those stains. I definitely recommend Vanish Stains to do this because they have a huge range of products that are specifically designed to remove different types of stains. For coffee stains and red wine stains the Vanish Napisan Oxi Action Powder is the recommended product and it's safe to use on both coloured and white clothing. You just add the powder, with your regular detergent, to all your washes. Click HERE to check out more about Vanish Stains because it is my favourite and the most effective way of removing the stains out of my clothes.


Before you begin washing, sort out your clothes into "loads" that you will wash separately; usually done by colour, fabric type and size. When washing your clothes, make sure to use a good quality washing powder and ensure all delicate fabrics are in a delicate wash bag or hand washed depending on what the tag says. Also based on the care instructions, keep in mind that you may have to cold wash, hot wash or a gentle wash cycle for some items so treat each piece of clothing as described on the tags or in the care manual.


The way you treat your clothes will determine how long their good condition lasts. Always make sure that you hang your clothes up after wearing them if you plan on wearing them again rather than washing them; never just scrunch them up in a pile on your closet floor as that can damage the fabric. Also try and avoid the dryer at all costs as it wares out your clothes and some materials actually shrink. 

It's not like we require our bathing suits in Winter similar to how it's unnecessary to keep out our wooly knitwear in Summer, so storage is essential. Not only because it clears out room in our closet to properly see what we have but also because it's a massive way to preserve our clothes. If our clothes are stored properly, the life of the items should be prolonged as it will prevent mildew on leather items, deterioration, odours and all those sorts of things. Make sure that you wash all of your clothes before storing them away in an airtight container, perhaps even with a scent bag. 

So try out some of these tips and let me know how you go! Also feel free to tell me any other methods you use to care for your clothes as I love learning new things and am constantly aiming to care for my clothes the best I can.

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great tips!! especially the storage ones with the seasons changing! :D

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So helpful :)

Training Wear said...

Protecting cloths and maintaining them is really important to make it durable. These tips are really precious..

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One thing for sure, I'm never going to dry clean my shirts!