Thursday, July 4, 2013


So recently I have been obsessed with playing around with my hair and I have found that the easiest way to get really long and thick hair is with extensions. These 22inch, 12 piece extensions add so much extra volume and length onto my hair and it's so fun playing around with and styling them. I feel like extensions open up so many more possibilities with hair styles and are able to achieve different looks that you otherwise wouldn't be able to. Click HERE to watch the video!

♥ Quality
These extensions are made from Remi hair, the highest quality possible which means they are really soft, shiny and manageable. They also work with heat really well as they blow dry, straighten and curl perfectly.

♥ Colours
There's such a large range of colours including all types of blacks, browns, blondes and reds. Something that I thought was great about these extensions is that there are multiple shades of whichever colour you go with meaning it's more likely to match your hair. Especially if you have low lights and highlights like me, it's awesome that it isn't just a solid colour so it blends much easier.

♥ Styles
So everyone's hair has a different texture whether that be straight, wavy or curly so you can choose what style you would like out of those three options which means that it will match your hair more. Think about it this way, if you have naturally curly hair and bought straight extensions then you would have to make sure you curl them every time you apply them.

♥ Lengths
The extensions range between 16 inches and 26 inches so a huge variety of lengths that will suit whatever look you're going for whether it be a volumous natural length or really long locks.

♥ Types
I prefer clip in because they are much more simple but you can also buy; clip in, wefts, micro loop/ring, fusion/ pre-bonded or tape-in. Clip in is only temporary which makes them much less hassle but keep in mind that tape-in, micro-loop and pre-bonded are all semi-permanent.

♥ My Set
The set I went with is the 22 inch, 12 pieces, model straight clip ins. My colour is #613 Lightest Blonde.

♥ Cost

I think these extensions are quite affordable, especially considering the quality as the set I received costs only $124.10 and you get a lot of hair for that price. Worldwide shipping is free for orders over $99 which is amazing because most extensions are around that price so it takes out that extra cost.

♥ Purchasing
You can buy these extensions from Best Hair Buy by clicking HERE.

Overall I think that these are amazing extensions because they are great quality, affordable and look amazing so I would definitely recommend them.

Thanks for reading ♥

* This is sponsored.


Unknown said...

Love the colour of this hair looks good on you
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C&L x

Sybil said...

you really look good in that!!! :D

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Carolyn said...

I kept sharing at all the shoes in the back... anyhow, your hair looks great!
<3 Carolyn

Emmylou said...

Great review, and they look soooo good on you:) Never tried extensions before, but I know some who love them.

Unknown said...

Perfect on you fashion girl!
Ciao from Italy


Unknown said...

You wear these so well :)
Steph xo

Unknown said...

Great post Jordy. They look very natural, can't even tell you've got extensions in.

Alanah Belle.xo

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Wow you have nice hair. Actually you are a lucky girl. Every girl worry about their hair.

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