Thursday, July 11, 2013


I just uploaded an update video onto my YouTube channel and thought I would share all of the same updates with you beautiful ladies on here! Click HERE to watch the video though :)
So the first thing that I am SO excited about is my new book, 10 Tips To Tackle Temptation. This has been my little baby for the past 2 months and I am just thrilled to finally release it and see what you all think. It's a 10 tip guide to quitting junk food and stopping cravings for crap so I thought it would be so helpful considering it's something I have personally struggled with in the past and I know many other girls have the same issue. So click HERE to go and check it out, I am ecstatic for it to finally be release and have I mentioned how EXCITED I am ;)

The next update is that I will be attending Sydney IMATS this year! I went last year as well and it was so much fun and I'm sure this year will be even better! I would love to meet some of you lovely girls there if you are attending also.

An upcoming video is an iKateHouse haul because I have an order coming in from them. If you don't know what iKateHouse is, it's pretty much just an online makeup store but it stocks brands like ELF, NYX and LA Girl really cheap so it's great for us Aussies! Check them out HERE.

Another video coming up is also a haul, this one from which is an amazing website to get makeup and nutritional things from like super foods and Real Techniques brushes! The most amazing thing about this website is that it's so incredibly cheap, you pay American RRP for everything and there's always deals such as the discount code QAB322 which gives you up to $10 off your order. The shipping is also really cheap between $4-$10 so it's really affordable for us Aussies.

So I think that's everything I had to update you all with!

Thanks for reading ♥

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Sybil said...

lots of good things coming up for you!! that's awesome to hear/read!

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