Monday, July 8, 2013


Okay so this has been highly requested ever since I changed my YouTube background and you can see them all sitting behind me so I figured that I would finally do my nail polish collection! I'm going to be going through every single nail polish in this collection and it took me so long that I had to split my nail polish collection into two parts!

The way that I have my nail polishes stored is two multi-layers and somewhat colour co-ordinated into colour groups to make finding nail polishes easier. I forgot to mention it in the video but if you couldn't tell, I actually use DVDs to prop up my second layer on nail polishes. It's not fancy but it definitely works! To watch part 1 click HERE and to watch part 2 click HERE.

Furless "Virgin" ♥ OPI "Alpine Snow" ♥ Rubi "White" ♥ OPI "White" Shatter ♥ OPI "Happy Anniversary" ♥ OPI "Makes Men Blush" ♥ OPI "Bubble Bath" ♥ OPI "Privacy Please" ♥ Furless "Mild" ♥ Cutex "Fresh Rose" ♥ Sally Hansen "Petal Pusher" ♥ Sally Hansen "Bamboo Shoot" ♥ China Glaze "Ridge Filler" ♥ Revlon "Make Mine Mango" ♥ Chi Chi "Coral" ♥ Orly "Fifty Four" ♥ Revlon "Christomatic" ♥ BYS "Prima Ballerina" ♥ Maybelline "Orange Fix" ♥ OPI "Atomic Orange" ♥ Rimmel "Apricot Punch" ♥ TBN "Fuschia Fluro" ♥ Orly "Stip Down" ♥ Maybelline "Pinkilicious" ♥ BYS "Pink" Nail Art ♥ Chi Chi "Pastel Pink" ♥ OPI "Shorts Story" ♥ Maybelline "Rose Bling" ♥ OPI "Pink Flamenco" ♥ OPI "Koala Bear-y" ♥ Revlon "Fuschia Fever" ♥ Furless "Princess" ♥ Maybelline "Paint The Town" ♥ OPI "OPI Red" ♥ BYS "Red" Nail Art ♥ OPI "Getting Miss Piggy With It" ♥ Furless "In Control" ♥ Ulta 3 "Footloose Fuschia" ♥ Ulta 3 "Purple Passion" ♥ Furless "Attention Seeker" ♥ Maybelline "Purple Icon" ♥ Ulta 3 "Spring Break" ♥ OPI "Purple With A Purpose" ♥ OPI "Dutch Ya Just Love OPI" ♥ OPI "Plugged in Plum" ♥ OPI "OPI Ink" ♥ OPI "Do You Lilac It" ♥ Chi Chi "Pastel Purple" ♥ Chi Chi "Purple Glitter" ♥ Be Yourself "Pastel Purple" ♥ OPI "No Room For The Blues" ♥ Furless "Clouded" ♥ Chi Chi "Baby Blue"

OPI "Dating A Royal" ♥ Maybelline "Sapphire Siren" ♥ Ulta 3 "Blue Glitter" ♥ OPI "Absolutely Alice" ♥ OPI "Austin-tacious Turquoise" ♥ Maybelline "Sea-Quins" ♥ OPI "Fresh Frog Of Bel Air" ♥ Furless "Freak" ♥ Ulta 3 "Mojito" ♥ Ulta 3 "Frog Prince" ♥ BYS "Pretty Pastel Peppermint" ♥ Chi Chi "Pastel Green" ♥ OPI "Greenwhich Valley" ♥ OPI "Gargantuan Green Grape" ♥ Ulta 3 "Lagoon" ♥ Orly "Walk Down The Aisle" ♥ Furless "Blah" ♥ FOA "Lemon Sorbet" ♥ BYS "Bright Lights" ♥ Ulta 3 "Honolulu" ♥ Chi Chi "Lemon" ♥ Maybelline "Golds Night Out" ♥ OPI "Glow Up Already" ♥ Orly "Glitz" ♥ Chi Chi "Gold Glitter" ♥ NYS "Bling" ♥ FOA "Verdigris" ♥ Chanel "Peridot" ♥ Chanel "Graphite" ♥ Furless "Brunette" ♥ Revlon "Silver Screen" ♥ Maybelline "Silver Glitter" ♥ OPI "Silver Shatter Top Coat" ♥ Ulta 3 "Silver Glitter" ♥ Ulta 3 "Confetti" ♥ OPI "Rainbow Connection" ♥ Rimmel "Black Cherries" ♥ BYS "Steel A Kiss" ♥ Furless "Clouded ♥ OPI "Black" Shatter" Top Coat" ♥ BYS "Black Satin" ♥ Ulta 3 "Midnight" ♥ Be Yourself "Black" ♥ Sally Hansen "Midnight in NY" ♥ Maybelline "Onyx Rush" ♥ Sally Hansen Diamond Strength ♥ Ulta 3 Top Coat ♥ Maybelline Clear Top Coat ♥ Essence Express Dry Drops ♥ OP "Drip Dry" ♥ Manicare Cuticle Oil

See any colours or ranges you like in my nail polish collection? Let me know and I can do a separate review about them.

Thanks for reading ♥
* The Furless, Maybelline and Manicare nail polishes were gifted.


Unknown said...

wow that is one huge polish collection i don't hink the girl at the salon near me has that many polishes haha, make a lovely backdrop to you videos though good thinking.

Sybil said...

wow!!! colours of the rainbow!!!! love your collection!!

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Steph xo said...

Love your setup!! Great post doll :)
Steph xo