Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Okay so technically it's 5 easy steps if you want to add mascara as well but for the actual eye liner, it only take 4 steps to achieve the perfect wing. Winged liner was something I struggled with for a year or so when I was first experimenting with it so I know the frustration when you can't figure out how to perfect your wing. I'm here to help with four fool proof steps to creating the perfect winged liner.

Step #1- Start off by tracing the shape of your upper lash line, getting as close as you can with the liner to the lash line.
Step #2- Draw an angled line from the end of your upper lash line, in the direction towards the end of your eyebrow.
Step #3- Draw a line from the tip of the line and connect it with the upper lash line.
Step #4- Fill in the wing.
Step #5-
Add a few coats of mascara.
Voila, the finished product.

Tips & Tricks:

* I find the best way to position my eye is slightly open but relaxed and looking downwards.
* Constantly compare the wing on both eyes to make sure they are even and similarly shaped.
* Make sure to follow the natural shape of your eye.
* The thinner the brush, the more precise the line.

Any questions? Leave them in a comment below.

I hope you found this helpful.
Thanks for reading ♥

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Kayla said...

Winged liner can get sooo frustrating at times! Thanks for the tips :)