Monday, November 11, 2013


This is something I have been wanting to do for a really long time because makeup is so expensive here in Australia that when you find a good beauty bargain it's something that you definitely want to share! All of these products are available here in Australian stores and their RRP is under $10 so there is a high chance that you can buy these products even cheaper when on sale!

My first two beauty products under $10 are blushes and I was slightly hesitant to include two of the same product but figured it was definitely worthwhile. Blushes are a kind of product that last for a really long time and to buy one for less than $10 is definitely getting value for money so I decided that both deserved to be mentioned.

The first blush is the Face Of Australia Circle Blushers ($9.99) and the second is the Models Prefer Square Blushers ($9.99). Both of these are extremely comparable in quality and most other aspects so I figured that I would talk about them collectively. Both FOA and Models Prefer are extremely affordable brands, even more so than Maybelline and Rimmel, but are of extremely great quality and pigmentation. They also have quite a good colour range with lots of options to choose from; matte or shimmer, neutral or bright.

Next is the Face of Australia Gel Eyeliner ($9.45) and I think that a great gel liner for under $10 is absolutely incredible especially when eyeliners exactly the same go for nearly double from another brand. This has to be one of my all time favourite gel liner

This next product is a great bargain and it is the Designer Brands Chubby Lip Crayons ($7.99) which are of such an affordable price considering what a great quality lip product they are. They glide on super creamy, leave a pigmented colour on the lips, the wind up stick provides a precise application and they come in an array of colours to choose from.

Now onto something for your nails, the Maybelline Color Show Nail Polishes ($5.95) are such an amazing deal because most times you can find them on sale for about $3. They have a great range of colours from darks to brights as well as different textures like glitter, cream and metallic. They are definitely a great deal as they allow you to inexpensively grow your nail polish collection.  
So those were 5 beauty products under $10, definitely a challenge considering the price of cosmetics here in Australia and the fact that I limited myself to products only available in Australian stores under the RRP of $10 rather than products you can get on sale for that amount. I do have an even harder challenge coming up next which is 5 products under $5, yes you read correctly and it was just as hard as it sounds but keep an eye out for that one going up on Thursday.

Thanks for reading ♥
 * The Maybelline and DB products were gifted to me but this is not sponsored.


Vett Vandiver said...

love this Jordy!!

Anonymous said...

i love this post! please do this regulary, either fortnightly or monthly!

Anonymous said...

Models Prefer makeup is apparently made in Italy in the same factory that makes MAC!