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I'm here with the highly requested round 2 of my Daiso First Impressions. Like I said in part 1 of my Daiso First Impressions; generally us Aussies are used to getting the shorter end of the stick when it comes to makeup prices in Australia so when I see a store pop up selling products for $2.80 it's hard to not be sceptical especially considering it's shockingly the cheapest foundation I have ever dreamed of. When you think about it, there's not much you can buy these days that is under $3 other than a bag of chips maybe so it's shocking how affordable these products are. I am extremely glad that I decided to pick up some products to try out because it turns out that they aren't as disappointing as you would expect and I was actually quite impressed with the quality of this makeup considering it's tiny price tag. So now let's get into what I thought of the 8 products I picked up!

Ever Bilena Stick Foundation
I was extremely excited over this product and it was the first I put in my basket because it reminded me so much of the Napoleon Perdis Foundation Cover Stick that retails for about $70! I figured if this product could even come close to how amazing the NP one is then this will become a staple considering the tiny price tag and after trying it I can easily say that it is a great product for the price! It has an extremely smooth and blendable consistency that is easy to buff into the skin. The colour matched my complexion perfectly because I am currently tanned. It had a minimal sticky residue but proved to not be an issue after using some pressed powder.

Brush-on Concealer
I have been on the hunt for a new concealer ever since they discontinued my holy grail MAC Studio Sculpt but unfortunately this was not the product to replace it. The colouring is extremely strange, like a taupe cement shade that is useless as a concealer but could work as possibly a cream contour.

Pressed Powder
There were about 5 different options for pressed powder at Daiso so I just picked the one that I liked the packaging of more, this one had a huge mirror so I thought it might be nice to carry around in my handbag. As for the actual product, it minimised shine extremely well and left a lovely matte look. I think this is great as an affordable setting powder.

Cream Eyeshadow
I was so intrigued by this product as it reminded me a lot of the Maybelline Color Tattoos or MAC Paint Pots and wanted to see how it compared. The colour and consistency is amazing but it does crease a little bit which is slightly off-putting.

Shimmer Brick
So I don't really know what this product is called which is why I labelled it "shimmer brick", it reminds me a bit of the Bobbi Brown ones. This product caused me a bit of confusion to begin with as I thought it was an eye shadow palette considering the other options were colours such as purple. Turns out that it's actually a blush and highlighter duo which I actually do like. The colour on the right hand side is quite sheer and shows up as a healthy glow while the white and peach on the other side once mixed make a beautiful highlight colour for the cheekbones and high points of the face.

Eyebrow Pencil
You wouldn't believe how many eyebrow pencils there are to choose from at Daiso, it's so overwhelming and due to lack of English on the packaging there is really nothing to differentiate them apart from the packaging of the stick. So I ended up going with this pretty baby pink and black wind up pencil and I was happy to see I chose a good one! This matches my eyebrow colour perfectly and it overall a great product.

Eyelash Curler
I wasn't expecting much out of this eyelash curler other than it being the shiniest gold I have ever seen but I was shocked at how well it curled my lashes and fit my eye perfectly. This is actually better than the eyelash curler I was using beforehand so this has replaced it in my everyday routine.

Lip Gloss
Finishing off with this rose coloured gloss, this was the first Daiso lip product I have tried and I loved it! The packaging is gorgeous so it's adorable to carry around in my handbag, it smells like yummy vanilla and has a beautiful smooth consistency. Definitely my kind of gloss!

So overall I think that Daiso produces some incredible product at a shockingly affordable price. Next time you are walking by a Daiso I definitely recommend stopping in a picking up a couple of product to try out for yourself, you have nothing to loose other than $2.80.

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