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It's that time again where the holiday season is over and now it's time to face the reality of everyday responsibilities such as school and work. In this post we are going to be focussing on going back to school because it's not all negative and there's definitely a brightside despite the tragedy some make it out to be. You get to see your friends everyday, you get back into a routine of being productive and eating healthily not to mention you feel much more accomplished than you do when lazing around all day watching TV. Going back to school can be fun and so I've put together the beauty essentials I would recommend when starting back the school year, this is the first instilment in the Back To School series so keep an eye out for more to come.

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo
We all have those days when we wake up and realise we haven't washed our hair for a couple of days so when you're expected to be at school at 8:30 you need a quick fix. This is when dry shampoo becomes a massive time saver as we don't always have time to jump in the shower, wash our hair and then have to blow dry it. Just spray some of this dry shampoo into the roots of your hair and brush it through for clean and fresh looking hair.

Blot Film
Another quick fix, this one is for all my oily skin girls out there! There gets a point where pressed powder can only do so much before becoming cakey and thick so to avoid cake-face and still keep your oily skin in check, blot papers work wonders! They remove most, if not all, of the oil without becoming cakey or removing any of your makeup.

Makeup Wipes
This item goes without saying because most likely they are already an everyday essential for you. Makeup wipes are so multi-purpose and are an absolute necessary item to keep in your locker and/or school bag. They come in handy before gym to remove your makeup, after gym to freshen up, before school to remove pre-existing makeup and after school to cleanse your skin. I'm sure that you will find yourself reaching for these on numerous occasions.

Sally Hansen "Bamboo Shoot" Insta-Dry Nail Polish
Now I don't completely recommend wearing nail polish and this will depend on the tolerance of your school but if you were to wear some nail polish, I would go with a milky baby pink. It's enough colour to be much more interesting than your natural nails but it's still very simple and chic.

Australis Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder
A good pressed powder is perfect if you only want minimal coverage as you can wear this by itself or if you have particularly oily skin then this can be used to mattify the look. It's also great to keep in your locker or bag to apply after school if you have something on to freshen up or build the coverage of your foundation.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream
I definitely wouldn't recommend a foundation for school because more than likely you have great skin and if not then it's good to let your skin breathe anyway. This is where a BB Cream comes in as it provides light to medium coverage while still letting your skin breathe (supposedly).

Nivea Repair and Protection Lip Balm
Chapped lips are the most annoying and uncomfortable sensation so lip balm is great with keeping this in check. Especially when at school all you want to do is concentrate on the work at hand and dry cracked lips can definitely hinder this. Make sure to keep a lip balm in your pencil case, locker and school bag.

Maybelline The Mega Plush Mascara
There are so many options when it comes to mascara but I chose to recommend Mega Plush because it does a little bit of everything (lengthening, thickening, volumising) leaving you with natural looking lashes. You also have the choice of black or brown mascara depending on how natural you prefer for school.

NYX Natural Palette
I put this item last because I really don't think eye shadow is essential but if you would like to use it then I recommend a very neutral palette where you can use a pale beige on the lid and light brown in the crease.

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