Thursday, January 16, 2014


Kicking off 2014 with the first awards show of the year, The Golden Globe Awards. Nothing gets me more excited than red carpet makeup and the glamorous fashion that comes with it so I thought what better idea than to sum up my top favourites from this years awards and discuss all the fashion and beauty of the stars. The main theme for makeup that can be seen this year is flawless skin, primarily nude lips and defined brows. Most went with an updo for their hair and a stunning statement gown.

Margot Robbie
Margot has quickly become my new favourite female actress (after Jen Law of course, we will get to her next) because of her incredible performance in two movies I have seen lately; About Time and The Wolf of Wallstreet. Starting out with the fashion; wearing a Gucci gown and Christian Louboutin pumps, this was definitely my favourite look from the Golden Globes. The emerald in the shoes matched perfectly with that in her dress from the diamond details and overall she was looking very classic and chic. The slit up the side of the dress in combination with the plunging neckline gave just the right amount of sexy while still being modest. Margot went for the theme of fresh and dewy with her makeup sporting a nude lip and subtle flushed cheeks. More of a focus on mascara than eye liner with strong brows and a flawless complexion. The mixture of both stunning makeup and fashion really made this look my absolute favourite.

Jennifer Lawrence
I can't put into words how much I love this girl but she is an absolute fantastic actress and gorgeous person. Now Jen got some bad press due to this dress with many imitating it by using a comforter and duct tape but I couldn't disagree more. I think it's an absolutely gorgeous Christian Dior strapless ball gown that flattered her body shape extremely well. For makeup Jen was wearing a stunning burgundy lip that made every brand go marketing crazy trying to push products of theirs that look similar. Dissimilar to Margot, Jen went eyeliner heavy but balanced it out with natural brows and matte skin. Despite Jen receiving some criticism about this dress, I am definitely on the complete other end of the spectrum thinking she looked amazing.

Mila Kunis
I'm going to start off with Mila's makeup because it's an aspect of her that is always on point and flawless. Her makeup artist Tracey Levy of course went with Mila's classic smokey eye which she pulls of just amazingly. Tracey teamed that with a silky complexion thanks to the use of Giorgio Armani face products and a nude lip with Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstacy Lipstick in #104 Satin. As for what she was wearing, Mila went with a custom Gucci gown that screamed sophistication. The added belt, bangle and all the details on the dress were the only accessories needed for this look.
Emma Roberts
I am such a fan of a classic black dress and Emma Roberts easily had the most gorgeous one on this Golden Globes, a custom made piece by Lavin. The sweetheart neckline and slightly off the shoulder straps kept it youthful and fun while the mermaid bottom added sophistication and glamour. A simple black Kotur clutch and some gorgeous aqua earrings were the accessories of choice for Emma. As for makeup, she accentuated those naturally beautiful and bold brows she has with defined eyes, matte skin and a nude lip.
Thanks for reading!
Who wore your favourite look this year?

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