Thursday, March 13, 2014


Colette is by far my favourite dress jewellery store from Australia so I jumped at the chance to team up with them for this collaboration haul that shows of a range of their beautiful pieces. I find that you can't get such great quality for such an affordable price anywhere else so I am very proud to standby this awesome company and collaborate with them on this. Read on to see all of the gorgeous jewellery pieces included in this haul. Click HERE to visit the Colette website.

Kicking off with this gorgeous pair that I have been wearing quite often every since I got them! These don't have a name unfortunately but hopefully you are still able to track them down somehow. As you can see they are a teardrop shape stone surrounded my white diamantes and monochrome gems down the bottom.
This next necklace is a perfect match for the earrings just mentioned previously because they both have the same colour scheme. I love this combination of rose gold, diamantes, monochrome and white enamel stones and the shape and arrangement makes this piece look like a princess necklace.
Isabella Ornate Cluster Earrings ($7.95)
I absolutely love turquoise so these earrings really stood out to me because it is the perfect combination of bling and colour while still being wearable.
Tallulah Pretty Shapes Necklace ($16.95)
The perfect match to those earrings is this incredibly intricate necklace using the same turquoise colour.
Facet Stone Diamante Drop Earrings ($9.95)
These earrings have such a sophisticated and chic look to them that can pull together any outfit. I think these would be perfect for any sort of formal occasion and for only $10 I think they are such a bargain, especially considering how intricate the details are.
Teardrop Diamante Earrings ($9.95)
This is another sophisticated design that is perfect for dressing up an otherwise plain outfit or perfect for a formal occasion. It consists of teardrop stones surrounded by tiny diamantes in a chandelier formation.
Tilly Flower and Leaf Necklace ($14.95)
This is a more casual piece that I think would look perfect with a block colour summer dress so although Summer has just ended, you will definitely see me in this next year. The florals and white are what makes it so absolutely perfect for the warmer weather.
Fade Stone Earrings ($12.95)
These would definitely have to be my favourite pick from the whole haul since they are just so absolutely "me". Anything rose gold immediately grabs my attention and not only that but these are so bling but in a really sophisticated way with lots of details and gorgeous shapes.
Trend Gold Two Lions Long Necklace ($16.95)
This piece isn't typically my style but I saw it on the website and thought that it would go perfectly with a dress that I plan on including in my next lookbook so definitely keep an eye out for how I style this one.

Click HERE to visit the Colette website and browse all of the amazing pieces they have for offer on there.

Watch the video below for more details.

Thank you for reading
 * This post is sponsored by Colette Hayman.


Londyn said...

Great post and love all the statement jewelry peices!

Sweetaholic Beauty said...

Gorgeous pics! xx

Unknown said...

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