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I’m here with 10 pro hairdressing skills from Pivot Point, a top hairdressing school based in Sydney and Melbourne. Read on to find out how to better take care of your hair using these easy and achievable tips.

Use a shampoo suited for your hair to maximise results from your hair-washing routine. If you have dry hair, look for a moisturising shampoo with lots of oils; or if you have frizzy hair, look for an anti-frizz shampoo which contains ingredients that combat extra fuzziness.

Seal the cuticle. Before you hop out of the shower, rinse those locks through with some cool water to seal the cuticle for a sleek finish.

Apply oils to damp hair to increase moisture. Argan and Morrocon oils are perfect for decreasing frizz and locking in moisture. 

Brushing ban while wet. Your hair is at its weakest while wet so don’t put it through the trauma of brushing, but if you must tame your hair while it’s still damp, only use a comb and start at the ends, working your way up the strands.

Get regular cuts as this encourages healthy hair free of split ends and actually results in faster growing locks.

Treat yourself to a leave-in treatment about once a week. This is the perfect way of giving your hair a pamper session to restore its strength and smoothness. There are so many amazing options on the market but coconut oil is my recommended natural option.
Keep it cool. When blow-drying your hair, keep the setting at cool to avoid heat damage.
Use a heat protectant before any sort of heat-styling. Also make sure the heat protectant you use is high quality and suitable to your hair type.
Take advantage of dry shampoo. Give your locks a break by using dry shampoo regularly. You can skip a couple of days of washing your hair the usual way, without feeling the discomfort of having dirty hair.
Have a good hair stylist. You can’t go wrong with a professional treating your hair but if you get just anyone you can expect to open yourself up to some potential disasters. Also ensure you have a mutual understanding with your hairdresser about exactly how you want your hair to look.

If you have a passion for hair styling that you’d like to turn into an exciting and rewarding career, consider enrolling in a
professional hairdressing school. The Pivot Point Academy has campuses in Sydney and Melbourne. Their courses cover beginners who want to learn the trade and those with years of professional experience who want to learn new specialised skills, or train as a hairdressing teacher.

Thank you for reading.
This post is sponsored by Pivot Point. The photo picture above belongs to Pivot Point Academy.

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