Sunday, March 30, 2014


I only recently tried Tarte for the first time but that doesn't mean that I haven't been eyeing their products for so long now. It's just so hard to find Tarte here in Australia but I was given the opportunity to finally put their products to the test when I received two items in a swap with my beautiful American friend Sammy. I must say, I am extremely impressed with the overall quality of the two products from Tarte that I have now tried and I will have to find a way to get my hands on them easier. So here is my review on the Amazonian Clay Blush and Bronzer Duo.

Colour: Park Ave Princess is the bronzer in this duo and has a medium chocolate brown shade to it.  This bronzer has a slight shimmer to it but if you're someone who usually prefers matte bronzers (myself included) I think you will make an exception for this one because it is perfect for night occasions when you want a bit of dimension or sparkle to your skin. It is quite a subtle shimmer and very comparable to the Chanel Soleil De Tan Terra Ambre. Dollface is the blush shade in this duo and it is the most gorgeous candy pink colour, absolutely perfect for providing a flush to the cheeks. It's a very versatile and classic colour so I can see it working well for both lighter and darker skintones. This colour is comparable to the Face of Australia Blush in "Hello Dolly".

Consistency: The formulation of both these products are smooth and what I would call chalky but in a good silky kind of way. This product has a unique texture where it is extremely smooth while being very pigmented at the same time.

Usage: These are amazing products on their own but also when paired together. I think this is a great duo particularly if you're in a rush because instead of having to open and use a blush and a bronzer, they are both together in this practical duo.
Cost and Accessibility: If you are luckily from the US then this item can be picked up from many stores such as Sephora for $30. If you happen to be from anywhere else, such as myself in Australia, then it will unfortunately be quite hard to find this product. The best option is to look on eBay or if you happen to find a site that ships internationally.
So those are my thoughts on the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush and Bronzer Duo. I think that it is a fantastic product that is economic in regards to time and money saving. However it is quite a hard product to get your hands on so that is definitely a downside.
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Unknown said...

Hopefully in the future more brands such as Tarte will be available in Australia. I really want to try their mineral foundation.

Anonymous said...

I have the matte version of the Park Ave Princess bronzer and I love it! I wish Tarte was sold in Australia.

Louis Vuitton neverfull said...

Wow1 It look so expensive. Is it? I will be buying it if it is available within my budget. Please tell me.